Yonex Voltric GlanZ badminton racket review



Yonex, the renowned manufacturer of rackets, keeps on expanding its rackets brand. With great consistency and ingenuity, it keeps delivering high-quality rackets to the market. The Yonex Voltric Glanz racket is a part of the top-quality rackets from the stables of Yonex.

This badminton racket is one of the latest in the Voltric series and is known for high power. It is most likely the best choice for players who want aggression and power regardless of the high cost.

There is an assurance of high performance using this racket, most especially if you are a player who enjoys the attacking style of play.

Yonex Voltric Glanz comes with very essentially unique features. These features will make your game enjoyable as you look forward to showcasing brilliant performance against your opponents. Click here and check this powerful racket.

To know more about the Yonex Voltric Glanz, and to check if it best suits your game, carefully read through the rest of the review.

Racket Specs:

Player level:Intermediate
Player type:Attacking
Flexibility:Semi Stiff
Balance: Head Heavy
Weight: 4U (80g – 85g)
Grip size: G4

Technical Details

This racket is a part of the top- quality rackets from the stables of Yonex and is very user- friendly.

With a 4U weight classification, this badminton racket weighs between 80- 85 grams. It also features a grip size of G4. It is noteworthy that the weight and the grip come in the same form with other outstanding badminton rackets that Yonex is known for.

Yonex Voltric Glanz features a head-heavy balance which expands the racket’s sweet spot. Vertical strings also run straight through the frame head to expand the sweet spot much more. The head and frame have a high density and concentrated mass made from tungsten-carbon materials. This comes with a force that allows for solid feel and exceptional power.

With regards to the shaft, the badminton racket features a semi stiff shaft. Therefore, unprofessional players who haven’t accurately master the techniques of badminton might find the racket challenging to use, and this makes the racket better recommended for advanced players.

It also comes with a factory stringing tension of 17-22lbs. 


Highlighted below are some of the edges the Yonex Voltric Glanz badminton racket has over other badminton rackets in the market:

High Stability and dexterity:

This racket produces great stability, even with shots which brings a very comfortable feeling while playing. This feature makes the racket very easy to handle with a heavy head. In contrast with an ordinary racket, Yonex Voltric Glanz has a more full flat surface for easy handling and maneuverability.

High- power:

Aas is typical of Voltric series rackets, this racket comes with a powerful hit ball for swings and control.

Very durable:

This badminton racket can survive brushes with the floor, wall and whatever abrasion you may come in contact with while playing. It is not easily breakable.


Highlighted below are some of the apparent drawbacks of Yonex Voltric Glanz badminton racket. And these have made the racket 100% perfect as it purportedly looked like.

Expensive budget:

The price of the badminton racket is somewhat high. With this particular drawback, only professional and experienced players might be able to afford the badminton racket.

Stringing tension:

Its stringing tension may not be easily adjustable from the recommended tension. It could break the frame and one may lose the manufacturer’s warranty.

Racket Ranking:









Feature & Benefits

Yonex Voltric Glanz is infused with advanced technology. The implementation of these latest technologies in manufacturing the badminton racket give room to better players’ performance. Some of these unique features include:

Energy Transfer:

The ultra-thin, yet stiff shaft and ultra-aerodynamic head shape allow the shuttle to be hit with increased power. This reduces the deceleration of the shuttle and allowing it to be returned with sustained, ultimate power

Aerodynamic Frame Construction:

Air resistance is minimized by including the tip of the grommet inside the frame, to produce an ultra-smooth, air resistant shape that together with a heavy head delivers a smooth swinging frame with awesome power.

Ultra-Slim Shaft:

Cutting edge NANOMETRIC carbon technology is used to produce an ultra-thin, aerodynamic shaft, to give a stronger and more penetrating shot. It combines high elastic carbon shaft and a new built-in T-joint that creates a long-lasting and stronger frame.

Sound Impact:

Yonex Voltric Glanz comes with an inbuilt sound that creates an impact when you swing the shuttle, encouraging more aggressive play and making hitting more comfortable.

Advanced Technology:

This racket is designed with technologies like the Torque Power Theory and LEXIL FIBER. The Torque power Theory helps players with increased distance. It is also combined with the TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM which ensures that the frame flexes in an organized way, holding the shuttle on the string bed for longer for maximum transfer of power to the shuttle. This also helps players achieve long-distance clears without stress.

With the assortment of all the latest technologies and cutting-edge materials used in crafting Yonex Voltric Glanz badminton racket, the swing speed of this racket has been improved with nothing less than 10%.

The stability of the racket is also excellent and provides you with maximum control of your game. Exerting powerful smashes on the opponent and as well recovering in a flash without losing the balance of your game.


Yonex Voltric Glanz is no doubt an excellent racket and is very suitable for advanced and intermediate players. It is just the top racket for you if you desire to play the game with much confidence as you employ your attacking style of play in the court.

Though it is quite expensive and comes with little flaws. These are not enough reasons for you not to consider purchasing it. Most especially, if you are a professional player with the desire to perform at your best in your next badminton games. With the intense power of the Yonex Voltric Glanz, your game will enjoy much more winnings and victories.


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