Yonex Voltric 7 Speed Badminton Racket Review

Yonex Voltric 7


For many badminton players most especially, beginners and those that play for fun, a budget-friendly racket that does not compromise power and performance is always a joy to use.

The Yonex Voltric 7 Speed is a perfect example of this type of badminton racket, and it is one racket with lots of impressive features and a pocket-friendly price. This racket does not receive the same glamour like many other rackets. Yet, it is still worth checking out. The Yonex Voltric 7 Speed was released by Yonex, a well-known Japanese racket maker in 2011. 

Do well to go through the rest of this review to learn more about Yonex Voltric 7 Speed before making your decision.

Racket Specs:

Player level:Beginner/ Intermediate 
Player Type:Defensive
Balance: Head Heavy
Weight: 3U (85g – 89g)
Grip size: G4

Technical Details

One of the trademark features of badminton rackets produced by Yonex is the G4 type of grip. This grip type has an 89mm circumference which may be tough to use at first, but once you get used to it, you will undoubtedly enjoy effortless gripping.

The weight is another feature that caught my attention when I first used this racket. The weight classification is 4U, the masses are not more than 83 g which is still very light relative to other rackets in the market.

The fragile frame of The Yonex Voltric 7 Speed is made up of two materials. tungsten and graphite, this contributes immensely to the lightweight which you will notice when you take hold of this racket. It also has an isometric head shape that increases its sweet spot for more than 40%.

The Yonex Voltric has a medium flex; this will definitely be a good choice for both experienced players and beginners.

If you are like me and you dislike rackets that slip, the Yonex Voltric 7 Speed is just for you. It comes with a control support cap which makes gripping better and hence enhances flexibility and control. I personally loved the crisp feeling I enjoy each time I swing this racket through the air. It gives more speed and positioning which cannot be found in any other mid-range racket in the market.

The heavy-head balance is another outstanding feature of this racket, and it helps to create a balance between speed and power. The weight is concentrated at the head of the racket, and this made it possible for players to deliver powerful shots and smashes.


Let us take a look at the various merits of this racket, which can give you enough reason to make a purchase.


The Yonex Voltric 7 Speed is a very budget friendly racket. If you are in the market for a racket that will not hurt your pocket and still give you enough power and speed this is a racket to consider. You can be assured of peak performance and a very affordable price.

Swift Defense:

For players with a defensive style of play, the Yonex Voltric 7 Speed will come handy as it is very light and allows players to quickly react to attacks with minimal effort. You will be able to make powerful and effortless clears. The heavyweight concentrated at the head and the increased sweet spot made it possible for players to deliver powerful smashes.

Improved Drives:

If you are looking for a racket that will help you to make decent drives, then the Yonex Voltric 7 Speed is your choice. With the increased sweet spots and easy handling, the racket makes it very easy for players to react quickly to attacks. It enables excellent defensive drives, and it still does an excellent job in the attacking department. You will be able to deliver strong net kills that opponents will find it difficult to counter. 


The Yonex Voltric 7 Speed is balanced between performance and price. One may find it difficult to pinpoints its drawbacks but the racket has some cons which we cannot fail to mention.

The design:

Compared to other rackets produced by this manufacturer, the Yonex Voltric 7 Speed has a thinner frame. This makes it too light, but this is not a drawback for players with a defensive style of plays as you will enjoy a great response to attacks and improved counters.

Not for Experienced Players:

If you are an experienced player, the Yonex Voltric 7 Speed may not be your best choice. Although, it is good in terms of power and control, if you an experienced player, you may need more than this to up your game.

Racket Ranking:









Feature & Benefits

Yonex Voltric 7 Speed is created with great technology. The presence of these features in manufacturing the badminton racket makes it more durable for players. Some of these unique features include:


The Yonex Voltric 7 Speed badminton racket is lightweight. This makes it easy to handle and manipulate, most especially by inexperienced players.

Enhanced stable design

One of the noteworthy features of this racket is its stability. The Yonex Voltric 7 Speed is very stable. I have experienced with mid-range price rackets, and they all seem to have poor stability, but this racket is different, it is designed in such a way that it minimises torque and absorbed energy to ensure it is very stable.

Isometric head

The Yonex Voltric 7 Speed has an improved sweet spot. And with this enhanced feature, I miss fewer shots. The isometric head is the reason behind this increased sweet spots and players can now enjoy more precision.

Heavyweight head

Serving with this racket is very easy, the heavyweight head makes serving with the racket pretty easy. The head of the Yonex Voltric 7 Speed is made up of two significant materials – tungsten and H.M. graphite. Moreover, for beginners who are learning how to play the badminton, using the Yonex Voltric 7 Speed will make the learning process less stressful.


The Yonex Voltric 7 Speed is the number one choice for players who are in the market for a mid-range racket. This racket will come handy for beginners and intermediate players who play majorly for fun. This may not be an ideal choice for professionals.

Upon purchase of this racket, you can be assured of great speed, excellent control, great reactions, better counter and an overall improved defensive play. Although, there are better models in the market; it will be hard for you to find a racket that will give you these features for a meagre fee.

That is the end of the review if you find the features attractive and you think this is what you need for your game, you can go ahead to make your purchase.





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