Yonex Nanoray 70 DX badminton racket review

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Very Stiff


Head Light


4U (80g - 85g)

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The Yonex Nanoray 70 DX is a badminton racket designed to offer you speed, control, and power when you play on the court. It is one of the beautiful models to be featured on the Yonex Nanoray line.

This line is popularly known to be stable because of the innovative technologies, and its overall lightweight design. These are features the brand is well known for. If you are a player that wants to balance defense and attack, then you need to know this racket is for you.

This review would help you analyze facts as you can decide to buy before going ahead to choose which racket is well suited for you.

Technical Details- Yonex Nanoray 70DX

Weighing in at an average of 84 grams, this racket has a typical G4 grip and still makes use of the Yonex technologies. This racket has a headlight balance. The Head Light balance and the enhanced and improved repulsion available from the Aero Frame makes it a faster-moving racket.

The racket comes with the new grommet pattern, and this can be found by looking at the lower end of the frame. You would find that there is a built-in T-joint on the graphite frame, and a control support cap. Yonex also decided to use its nanomesh carbon nanotube technology and isometric design, and you would find many more techniques used in the NR70DX.

These innovations have been introduced to offer the racket maneuverability and durability which most people now expect from Yonex racquets. This serves to show how established they have become over the years. I would recommend that if you buy the racket, and it is unstrung, then you should endeavor to string at about 24 pounds.

You also need to know that the strung product is factory strung and not strung with the hand. Upon your purchase, you also enjoy access to a full-cover racquet bag.

Ther reviews of a product is not complete without its pros and cons. Make sure to check the pros and con of Yonex Nanoray 70DX so you can be confident and convinced about what you use your money for.


  • Excellent Tension Rate: most headlight rackets cannot handle high tension strings well, but this badminton racket can take the increase in tension. Your ability to string a racket with tensed string is an advantage. It helps you with control and power.
  • Technological innovations: this is a significant feature of the NR70DX. From the Aero Frame, the nanomesh used to design to the isometric technology. These features are what makes this racket speedy and powerful.
  • It also has an enhanced repulsion


  • Head Light Balance: it is not so ideal for those that who prefer an attacking game.
  • Very Stiff shaft: This racket has a very stiff shaft. Not for beginners.
  • It depends heavily on the wrists for power generation.

Features & Benefits- Yonex Nanoray 70DX

Nanomesh + Carbon Nanotube

YONEX has produced a creative blend of innovations which have been inserted into the frame and shaft of the Nanoray 70DX. All these help to improve on its repulsion, as you also enjoy the power that is placed in the movement.

This is quite important because rackets that have lightweight heads are always subject to criticism from the players that are more offensive since they cannot easily inject as much force as they want per time into the moves. This improved technology has been introduced, and it is used to alleviate this challenge.


This framed model gives the racquet head more room to be aerodynamic and consequently better cut out to slice the wind by bringing an increase to the speed of your swing.

Drop Shots

This is an essential feature, as it is relatively easy to move fluidly and fool your opponent anytime you execute it. The Aero frame feature makes the Nanoray 70DX quite fast, as observed by some players. It has an average air-cutting ability, making the art of drop shots effortless alongside a neat and precise trajectory easy to do.

Built-in T-Joint

There is a T-connection which is designed between the shafts. It is important also to note that the frame of the racket is designed using different layers of graphite which bring about a reduction in the torque, and consequently in its movement. All these culminate in creating a higher and greater level of control when you make moves.

Isometric Form

By using the Isometric form, you would find that the space between the ropes is precisely the same, which offers you a more consistent beat. The consistency does not even change when it does not hit the center of the racket, which thus improves significantly its control. You should know that a game of badminton is beyond smashes and strength. If you do not enjoy consistency in your game, then you probably would lose all your points without the opponents cracking.


Like I mentioned at the beginning of this review, the Yonex Nanoray 70DX is a very impressive and incredible racket. This is because of the many features it has to offer prospective players. It is highly recommended to only advanced, intermediate, and professional players.

This racket is not necessarily for players who like to make powerful hits and play offensively as well. Finally, before making any decision, try to carry out comprehensive and thorough research to ascertain which racket suits you and can meet your needs more effectively.

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