Yonex DUORA Z-STRIKE Badminton Racket Review – Racquet weight 3U



The Yonex Duora Z-Strike (1) racket has a very stiff upper and compact racket head for greatest accuracy from first to last point. Neutral balance for an optimal balance between attack and defense combined with the Dual Optimum System concept that benefits from both sides of the racket.

The Duora Z-Strike surfs on the essence of modern tactics of badminton, to smother the opponent on the court. So if you are an expert badminton player (2) looking for a racket with a surgical precision and extreme maneuverability you should check out this wonderful badminton racket.

Keep on reading this review to enable you to choose if this is reasonable for your requirements and playing style.

If you are in a hurry and have no time to read this great review, the bottom line is that this is a racket for players who love precision and maneuverability. Click here and improve your overall game.

Racket Specs:

Player level:Advanced
Player Type:Attacking/Defensive
Balance: Neutral
Weight: 3U (85g – 89g)
Grip size: G4

Technical Details

Dual Optimum System – introduced in 2015, the Duora series characterizes this innovative secret boot. By combining two different racket head materials and geometries, Yonex Duora rackets offer different benefits depending on the side of the racket.


Here are the main reasons why you should consider the Yonex Duora Z-Strike badminton racket.

Original look and very nice:

Under a beautiful black and white design sublimated by touches of gold and red, this frame contains a bewildering array of technologies.

All around racket:

This racket is a bit of a greedy racket for players who want power, control and flexibility as well. It is a racket which has stability as well as general purpose with no blurring of fine shots.

Remarkable gaming sensations:

There is a great feel on impact with the understanding that there is enough weight in the head to feel where the shuttle is moving. No matter which shot you play, you can feel the head of this badminton racket, which is a positive aspect.


There are some flaws in the Duora Z-Strike, not enough to drop the idea of buying the racket.

Too difficult to play for beginners:

For all those who do not have a good technical background, you should think about this racket obviously, for it is too hard to manage for a beginner.

Hard to feel the difference:

It is hard to feel a difference between the two sides of the racket. It takes a long time to end up feeling a little difference between the forehand side and backhand side.

Weak cross court counter attack:

The only area where it lacks is the quick shots for courter attacking. For example, when you try to counter attack an opponent’s flat drive, especially from the backhand side, the racket is a little slower in the air.

Racket Ranking:









Feature & Benefits

On one side, take advantage of the Nanometric DR, a very dense and resistant carbon, increasing both the repulsion and the accuracy of your strikes.

On the other side, having a Nickel and Titanium fiber makes it more tolerant and brings more comfort in a situation of delay, with short striking preparations. Aero geometry further increases the ability to hit far into the opponents court, thanks to more aerodynamics.

Horizontal A-Concept- this new design is a grommet pattern that has helped them create the smallest frame in their history. The pattern anchors 4 strings horizontally to allow greater flex in the string bed and to create an enlarged sweet spot at the top of the frame. So even if the shots are off-centre they can still be powerful.

Built-in T-Joint-this technology is manufactured from a special lightweight plastic joined with an epoxy resin and foaming agent that upgrades quality and performance by increasing the stability of the shuttle on the string bed and through the air.

The latest addition to the Duora range is also exclusive: the Duora Grommet, an eyelet covering 8 holes with different thickness on each side of the racket’s frame inspired by Box and Aero geometries. The thinner side offers more elasticity and comfort. While the thicker side maximizes repulsion and control.

Another innovation: the Hyper-MG, evolution of the Ex-HMG equipping the Voltric Z-Force II and Nanoray Z-Speed. It is placed in the lower part of the racket to bring a superior elasticity, and more speed to the racket head. Surgical precision, devastating power: it’s your turn to dictate the pace of the game to conquer victory!


The Yonex! The Duora Z-Strike is indeed the worthy heir to the Arcsaber 11, or even the Nanospeed 9900. Its very rigid stem, perfectly neutral balance, as well as its condensed high-end technologies make this frame a weapon of choice, but that is not to put in all hands. The precision and handling is exceptional, while the power remains at its best.

Last but not least, there has been some progress on the Duora concept, although the concept is not yet strong enough to distinguish.

What are you waiting for? Improve your game with this badminton racket! Click on the image below to get it today!


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