Yonex Duora 7 badminton racket review – Racquet specifications: Weight: 3U, Grip G4,G5, Price $$$



Most badminton players will do anything to have a racket that can command the court with every single shot. And here is a badminton racket– Yonex Duora 7, a uniquely designed racket that will offer you the feel your arm longs for in the court.

Yonex Duora 7 (1) is a durable badminton racket for players who desire to stay on top of their games. Regardless of cost, the badminton racket is worth it if you are that kind of player that places much value on functional backhand and forehand.

Moreover, Yonex Duora 7 badminton racket belongs to the leagues of other Yonex racket series. This particular racket has been in the market since 2016 and ever since then many players have found it indispensable and useful for different styles of play.

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Otherwise carefully go over the other parts of the review to find out about Yonex Duora 7 badminton racket before you decide.

Racket Specs:

Player level:Intermediate
Player type:Attacking/Defensive
Balance: Neutral
Weight: 3U (85g – 89g),2U (90g – 95g)
Grip size: G4,G5

Technical Details

Yonex Duora 7 badminton racket is an improved version of all the rackets in the Yonex Duora series. The Japanese company, Yonex, produced the badminton racket to promote the standard of the previous rackets in the series.

With weight classifications of 2U & 3U, the badminton racket averagely weighs 88g for 3U, and 93g for 2U. Yonex Duora 7 also features grip sizes of G4-G5. All these features are similar other good badminton rackets that Yonex has manufactured in the past.

Players have to string Yonex Duora 7 appropriately for it to function as desired. Ideally, the stringing should be 19-24 lbs. for the 3U weight classification, and 20-25 lbs. for the 2U weight classification.

This badminton racket has a semi-stiff shaft. Therefore, it is entirely appropriate and durable for both professional and unprofessional players. However, a player with perfect knowledge and mastery of the techniques of badminton will find the racket easy to use.

The brightly red-colored badminton racket features a Graphite frame and shaft. And with such a small mass of these components, the racket is comfortable for natural swinging and manipulation of the racket.


Highlighted below are some of the advantages the Yonex Duora 7 badminton racket has over other badminton rackets in the market.

Improved Speed:

This is an excellent feature that distinguishes Yonex Duora 7 badminton racket from the other rackets in the same series. The improved speed makes the racket command the court with every single shot. Another racket from Yonex that deliver the best speed is Yonex Nanoray Z Speed.

Excellent Defense:

The badminton racket is hugely great for defense. The features of Yonex Duora 7 contribute largely to this advantage. This includes features such as its weight that allows easy manipulation with forehand and backhand returns.

Outstanding Smash:

This racket also allows players to deliver great smashes that put the opponents out of their games. This is possible because of the semi-stiff shaft.

Huge forehands & quick backhands:

The badminton racket provides you with chances of delivering huge forehands and super-fast backhands. These are possible due to the Dual Optimum System that maximizes the racket’s ability.

Impressive Power:

The racket can perform with such power as you desire. With the right and appropriate stringing, it will become as powerful as you need it to be.


Below are some of the apparent disadvantages of Yonex Duora 7 badminton racket. These include:

Difficult to control by inexperienced players:

For beginners in badminton, the racket might be difficult to use and control. The stiffness of the shaft contributes mostly to the difficulty experienced by a novice in controlling the racket in the court.

Stringing determines the power:

For inexperienced players, it might be a bit difficult for them to string their racket appropriately. And in such cases, the power of the racket might be low or high for the desired performance.

Inadequate Aerodynamics:

The thick frame of the Yonex Duora 7 makes the aero dynamism inappropriate unlike rackets with a thinner frame. 

Racket Ranking:









Feature & Benefits

Yonex Duora 7 comes with features that showcase the implementation of advanced technologies in its design and structure. Some of these unique features include:

The Isometric head shape

Yonex Duora 7 badminton racket features an isometric head shape. This showcases head shape structure is better compared to the oval-shaped head. This head shape creates an expanded sweet spot in all directions and hence makes it easier to hit a shot efficiently.

Dual Optimum System

Yonex Duora 7 is designed with Dual Optimum System. This is an innovative feature that showcases different frame shapes on both sides of the racket head. With the Dual Optimum System, you will be able to play huge forehands and quick backhands with the racket.

Box Frame Forehand

The forehand features a box-shaped frame. The design enables the forehand to more power into smashes, and added shuttle hold up. With this, the racket gets the edge on the court with easy forehand clears.

Aero Frame Backhand

The backhand features an aero-shaped frame. The design enables extra repulsion speed on returns. With this, the racket gets the edge on the court with swift backhand receives.

IC Elastomer Body Frame

The Yonex Duora 7 badminton racket has a body frame design of IC Elastomer. This is a soft material that increases shuttle hold and accumulates energy.

With all these unique and cutting-edge features utilised in manufacturing Yonex Duora 7, the speed and durability of the racket have been better improved compared to the other rackets in the series, for example, Yonex Duora 10.


Yonex Duora 7 badminton racket is the one of the top rackets in the Yonex Duora’s series. Therefore, the badminton racket is exceptionally worthwhile if you are that kind of player that places much value on functional backhand and forehand.

This racket is for you if you enjoy playing the defensive style of play. You can do more with much confidence as you employ Yonex Duora 7 to command the court with every single shot of yours.





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