Yonex DUORA 33 badminton racket review

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3U (85g-89g)

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Yonex DUORA 33 is indeed a special edition badminton racket, which was produced in conjunction with the 2018 movie lee Chong Wei: the rise of the legend. This racket also comes with a special edition single cover.

With the new DUORA’s cutting-edge technology, you can now command the court with every single shot you place. There is easy identification of a racket shape during play basically because of the unique color design. The Yonex DUORA 33 also shares similar racket frame design and cosmetics with the Yonex Duora 10 LCW.

With huge forehands and quick backhands, The Duora allows players to do both with just one revolutionary design.

Technical Details- Yonex Duora 33

Yonex Duora 33 is the 2018 version of a badminton racket, which was brought to the market. This badminton racket makes use of the innovative and cutting-edge technologies that Yonex made use of in its newest design.

The Yonex Duora 33 has been able to improve on its predecessors with the Yonex Duora series in design and versatility. This racket would offer the perfect badminton experience to individuals who already know how the game of badminton is being played.

It comes in at 3U weight classification, as this badminton racket weighs about 88 grams. It also comes with a grip size that is between G4 & G5. The grip and pressure have the same form with other incredible badminton rackets that Yonex has designed already in the past.

Players should note that the Yonex Duora 33 needs to be strung well so that it can function as it ought to. Usually, the stringing is supposed to be between 19-26 lbs because of the 3U weight classification badminton racket like Yonex Duora 33.

Yonex Duora 33 badminton racket comes with an even Balance, meaning that the frame and head also have an equal mass that maintains manipulation and natural swinging. Also, the badminton racket has a length of about 675mm.

The flex of this badminton racket has been noted to be flexible. Therefore, it is entirely durable and best for beginners.

The badminton racket comes in a blue color, which also has a Graphite shaft and frame. With such a mass, the racket is quite comfortable for genetic manipulation and swinging of the racket.

Racket Pros

  • Huge backhands & quick forehands: this badminton racket offers users the chance to deliver massive forehands and exceptional backhands. This has been made possible because of the Dual Optimum System features that serve to maximize the racket’s strengths. And with the aid of this, the Yonex Duora 33 brings a further improvement and versatility.
  • Incredible Precision: this badminton racket allows you to enjoy the precision and high power. The design of the Yonex Duora 33 plays a huge part in this.
  • Incredible Power: the Yonex Duora 33 badminton racket can perform great with the power you need. With the appropriate and right stringing, it can function incredibly as you need it to be.
  • Increased Speed: Yonex Duora 33 badminton racket offers incredible speed, which sets it apart from other rackets available in the same series. The rate thus makes the racket a commanding force on the court.

Racket Cons

Stringing determines how powerful a racket will be: for players with little or no experience; it might not be easy for them to string their racket in the appropriate measure.

  • Not appropriate for experts:. Yonex Duora 33 doesn’t feature high-end technicalities that are appropriate for experts. Therefore, the racket is mainly recommended for beginners.
  • Weak Smashes: The Yonex Duora 33 is not for players that enjoy smashes. The flexible shaft of this racket makes it to compromised power. You will have to consider other rackets if you want powerful smashes.

Feature & Benefits- Yonex Duora 33

Isometric Head Frame

The racket is square-shaped, and the isometric frame shape has been designed to keep vertical strings at length, plus the horizontal strings as well to create an expanded sweet spot in virtually all directions.

Dual Optimum System

The Yonex Duora 33 badminton racket has been designed using Dual Optimum System. This is a new feature that allows for different frames on the two sides of the same racket head. With the advent of the Dual Optimum System, you can now play huge backhands and quick forehands with the aid of this racket. This fantastic feature makes sure you can hit the right types of shot every time you play on the court


With the aid of NANOSCIENCE, this material now binds with carbon fibers together without any gaps for improved strength.

New Grommet Pattern

The single-pass grommet construction offers more grommet holes for a high-performance pattern.

Aero + Box Frame

Produces a solid combination of quick swing and solid hitting feel.

New Built-in TJoint

There is a mold deep in the layers of the graphite where the frame makes a connection with the shaft, and the YONEX Built-in T-Joint also produces a durable and high-strength frame that is free from torque.

Control Support Cap

The control support cap offers an 88% wider flat surface, which can be placed side by side with an ordinary racquet to aid gripping.


This racket is designed to be an all-round model which is equipped with the Dual Optimum System to boost distance on your backhand and power on your forehand. Finally, the Yonex Duora 33 is a best for beginner badminton players who want to start playing the game.

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