YONEX BG 80 power badminton string review

It is essential that you have a perfect racket. A right racket would still not work well if you’re not using the right string. If I had known this, it would have helped me a lot when I just started playing the game. The choice of the right string for a racket would help maximize your performance to victory. To enjoy that victory, you need to possess a high-quality badminton string that would give you that incredible control and smash on the shuttlecock. The Yonex BG 80 (1) offers excellent performance for professionals.

Technical Details – Yonex BG 80 Badminton String 

The Yonex BG 80 Badminton String has a beautiful design. The product has a gauge or diameter of 0.70mm with a length of about 10m (33 Feet).

The string is quite thick, and it also has a smaller sweet spot which makes it quite tasking for the shuttlecock to make any contact with the sweet spot, although this product has a soft spot, if the shuttle makes a hit with the smaller sweet spot, the shot will be potent. However, you would have to use a proper skill, technique, and even practice to make any form of contact with the soft spot. So it is only advisable for advanced and intermediate players, but not exactly meant for beginners.

One other valuable feature of this product is the durability. This comes from the thickness of the string, which thus makes it long-lasting and worthwhile. This product would be perfect for female players who want to enjoy control and technical shots during mixed doubles matches. 

String Pros:

  • The product is durable, and the string has a diameter of about 0.7mm, which makes it really thick and very durable. Hence it can be used for quite a while, which infers that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on strings.
  • The thickness of this product makes it easy to play inaccurate shots
  • This product is easily affordable for a lot of players.

String Cons:

  • Bad repulsion- this product offers really below par power for hits.
  • Not designed for amateurs – it is not so easy to generate power using these strings, so a beginner that has no technique should not make use of this, as he/she would have to utilize a lot of effort and energy into creating fantastic shots.

Features and Benefits – Yonex BG 80 Badminton String 


Multifilament strings are made up of different strands of fiber, all twisted together. This serves to give it room for a fantastic performance because of the superior shock absorption and top-notch elasticity. This product also has an ultra-fine diameter that helps to increase the durability of the string and achieve a soft feel on impact; the 0.70mm fiber has been braided, basically because of an increase in the string abrasion durability.


The Yonex BG 80 badminton string has a range of 33feets, and this is a sufficient length, which can be used for both high tension stringing and low tension strings. Although the high tension performance needs a lesser string, it is quite perfect for those who like to have lower tension stringing.

The Thickness and Sweet Spot

The Yonex BG 80 badminton string has a relatively soft spot, and this is major because of the width of the string, since the higher the thickness of the string, the reduced the sweet spot of the string. In case the sweet spot of a string becomes smaller, it is not so bad, as more amazing shots can be produced when the shuttle comes in contact with the sweet spot

If you like enjoying maximum power, then the thickness of your string cannot be more than 0.68mm or 0.69mm in its diameter. This is because strings that possess a depth of over 0.69mm are for players that prefer durability. It requires technique and skill to produce power with strings that have a thickness of about 0.69mm.


Durability is a trait best simplified by this product, the Yonex BG 80 string has especially been designed for strength, and the Yonex BG 80 string has a rather low price, which thus makes it one of the best badminton strings available on the market today. This is a significant improvement to other badminton strings, which tend to break after a few weeks. This feature allows this product to perform for a long time while still keeping its tension 

This feature is made possible because of the extra thickness it has, at 0.70 mm, this is arguably one of the thicker strings you can get on the market, and thus makes durability very pronounced.


The Power that the Yonex BG 80 badminton string generates is quite magnificent, but compelling shots can be quite tricky for beginners to achieve, as this is because of the repulsion and thickness of this product. Although this product does not have a massive sweet spot, if the shuttle makes any contact with that smaller sweet spot, the shot will be robust, with incredible skill and powerful techniques, fantastic smashes can be thus enjoyed.


Another thing that needs to be examined is the fact that when going for any badminton string, you need to know the control it can provide. Although producing power is more natural when designing strings, the control it offers is significant. A significant issue with this product is its control. Enjoying control with this string would be almost impossible without techniques and skills, which is why it is not advisable for beginners that are just learning to play.

The Yonex BG 80 string’s control is okay and an excellent fit for players that possess amazing techniques and skills.


The enjoyment in the game tends to take players away, which in turn allows them to place reckless shots without having to consider the condition or state of the badminton strings, and most times, this leads to the string breaking, thus requiring you to restring in few weeks. But with the Yonex BG 80 Badminton string, you do not have to be worried about this because it is durable.

If you are a professional or intermediate player that likes trying out new methods and techniques, then this product is perfect for you because it is very durable and affordable.

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