Yonex Astrox FB badminton racket review

Racket Specs:

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Semi Stiff


Head Heavy


F (73g)

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This Yonex Astrox FB badminton does a role in providing an accurately angled, powerful smash that overwhelms your opponent. This is just a tip of the iceberg, as an in-depth analysis on the Yonex Astrox FB would be discussed below. By the end of this write-up, you would want to get yours!

Technical Details – Yonex Astrox FB

The Yonex Astrox FB is a Badminton racket that improves the rotational power of players impressively. For Badminton players that demand a drastic turn-around of their game in terms of power and control, this racket is a very valid option. This racket comes with a lightweight feature that is designed for intermediate players and beginners. Specifically for players that cannot use their energy well when playing.

This racket is built with the Rotational Generator System that contributes to the control and balanced head. It comes with a counterbalanced head that is in tune with every shot, and this helps you control the attack and drive of the opponent. This way, you have an acceleration that is enhanced as well as power and steep angle.

This racket also comes with the Nanomesh Neo material that increases quicker and faster shaft take-back. This racket is also majorly known to help players with an increase in control and power in the game of Badminton. It has also been noted that other racket games like squash and tennis would also be improved on when you decide to go for this racket

It comes with a smash angle of 2.3 degrees steeper, and this as been tested by Yonex. It also comes with a smashing power of 7.1%. Though, the difference between the very first speed and the final rate is reduced so it can be launched actively. This serves to prove that Yonex has decided to focus on performance, speed, while still maintaining their integrity as an international brand on this racket. The many innovations and features it boasts of serve as a testament to this fact.


  • It is sturdy and helpful to players
  • It is very convenient
  • It is lightweight
  • It is affordable
  • It is perfect for beginners and intermediate
  • It offers an increased steeped angle
  • It comes pre-strung
  • It comes with a solid feel
  • The flex is stiff
  • It comes in a variety of colors
  • It comes with an improved swing speed
  • Powerful smash power
  • You can choose the grip add-on


  • The pre-strung feature can be harmful in such a way that, if you decide to string more than the manufacturer’s recommended stringing tension, this can impair the frame. And that, in turn, nullifies the already limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Features and Benefits

Rotational Generator System

This feature is one that works by applying the counterbalance theory in which the weight gets distributed throughout the frame top, grip end, and the joint for maximum control. It also transitions to the next shot that can be performed with a rapid succession very smoothly. The weight and grip of this racket is 73g/G5

Nanomesh Neo

The Nanomesh Neo is material that ensures the quick shaft take-back. The Nanomesh Neo is an adhesive that aids the combination of the resin with the Graphite for a flexible and stronger frame. It also allows for the shaft to flex better by building up more energy. This energy then transfers to the shuttle on the drive shots and smashes. As soon as the racket comes in contact with the shuttle, the Nanomesh Neo then assists the frame to go back to its original state. This is so you can play your next shot for the attacking edge.


The Yonex Astrox FB comes in a square-shaped ISOMETRIC frame shape that has been designed to make sure the vertical strings are at similar lengths with the horizontal lines. The reason for this is to provide a large sweet spot in all the possible directions. The frame is also the head of the racket.

New Build-in T-Joint

The New Built-in T-joint is made from a peculiar lightweight plastic that combines with the foaming agent and the epoxy resin. This combination increases the performance and quality of the racket by increasing the stability of the shuttle on the string bed. And this is done through the air. This feature also adds to the strength and durability of the racket.

Control Support Cap

The control support cap of the Yonex Astrox FB offers an 88% flat surface, which, when compared with an ordinary racket. This allows for sharp maneuverability, a fast follow-through, and secure gripping of your noise.

Aero + Box Frame

This is a feature that works together to produce a quick and better swing, as well as a solid hitting feel.

New Grommet Pattern

This feature is a single-pass grommet hole construction that gives more grommet holes for a better performance of the stringing pattern of your racket.


The Yonex Astox FB is an impressive racket with impressive features that makes it ready for whoever wants to use it. Beginners or regular players that do not wish to exert their energy or are just learning how to play would enjoy this racket. This is because of the power and controls it gives to players. Finally, the Yonex Astrox FB is precisely the racket you would need if you want to grow your game and improve at it considerably. The features this beauty boasts of serve to prove this fact. In case you’re still not so sure about this racket, then I’d advise that you go online to read up some more. This would enable you to pick the best badminton racket that suits your playing needs and of course, without having to wreck your wallet.

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