Yonex Astrox 9 badminton racket review: Pros, Cons and Racquet Specs

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Racket Specs:

Player level:Intermediate/Advanced
Player type:Attacking
Flexibility:Very Stiff
Balance: Head Heavy
Weight: 4U (80g – 85g)
Grip size: G4

The game of badminton gets more exciting by the day with the introduction of different rackets. It is also more interesting to note that badminton rackets come in various capacities and specifications. Many players will always be on the lookout for the racket that best suits their game.

Without a doubt, Yonex Astrox 9 is going to be the top racket for players who place much value on power and precision.

Its performance is guaranteed, most especially, if you are a player in the intermediate or advanced level who enjoys the attacking style of play. Yonex Astrox 9 comes with all the essential features to make your game enjoyable as you look forward to shocking your opponent with powerful smashes during your games.

To know more about Yonex Astrox 9 and to find out if it best for your game and level, carefully read through the other parts of the review.

Technical Details

Yonex, the famous Japanese manufacturer, manufactured the badminton racket, and this racket is one of the latest editions in the new Yonex Astrox series.

The Yonex Astrox has been presented to have “Rotational Generator System” technology. By applying the counterbalance theory, weight is distributed throughout the grip end, frame top and the joint for maximum control. The transition to the next shot can be performed smoothly with rapid succession.

It is designed to produce sharp angled smashes alongside power and speed.

It also features a factory string of BG3 and has a stringing tension range of 20- 28lbs for a 4U and 21-29lbs for a 3U, which can be adjusted for durability, control, and power.

With a 4U weight classification, this badminton racket weighs averagely 80-84 grams. It also features a grip size of 4G. It is noteworthy that the weight and the grip come in the same form with other outstanding badminton rackets that Yonex is known for.

Yonex Astrox 9 features a slightly Head Heavy Balance, that is, the head and frame occupy a lot of mass.

As regards the shaft, the badminton racket features a very stiff shaft. Therefore, unprofessional players who haven’t accurately mastered the techniques of badminton might find the racket challenging to use, and this makes the racket better recommended for intermediate & advanced players.

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Highlighted below are some advantages of using Yonex Astrox 9, which makes it stand out amongst other rackets in the Astrox series:

Unique Design:

The type of material used in manufacturing a badminton racket goes a long way in determining its performance. Yonex Astrox 9 badminton racket has a unique and high-quality material design.

It is also effortless to wield and doesn’t in any way discomforts the wrist.


Yonex Astrox 9 has powerful control. It is just perfect for clears, third court tosses drop, cut smashes or net play.


Here’s a look at some of the obvious downsides of Yonex Astrox 9 badminton racket:

Less durable:

Unlike other Yonex products, the painting of the Yonex Astrox 9 is not so durable and has been observed to fall out during an abrasion.

Not living up to expectation:

Being a slightly head heavy racket, it doesn’t discharge as much power as expected, when compared to a very heavy head racket. This could be disappointing for the player.

Racket Ranking:










Feature & Benefits

Yonex Astrox 9 is designed with advanced technology. The application of these latest technologies in manufacturing the badminton racket allows for better performance of the players. Some of these distinctive features include:


The racket comes in an attractive blend of red, black and orange. This design is very eye- catchy and will attract many badminton players. Every player hold will usually have an affinity for the particular racket he or she uses, not just because of its strength but its beauty too

ISOMETRIC head technology

This provides an enlarged sweet spot for more power, this racket also includes Yonex’s new ROTATIONAL GENERATOR SYSTEM, which evenly distributes the weight throughout the racket for maximum control and smooth moves between shots.

Stiff Flex and Shaft

The stiff flex allows this racket to be suitable for both singles and doubles play. It also gives plenty room for maneuverability, which will be seen in net play, drives, and defense.

The presence of the Long Shaft of this racket significantly increases swing speed. Yonex Astrox 9 features high-end materials such as High Modulus Graphite and Nanomesh Neo.

Sonic Metal

The badminton racket feature Sonic Metal. This material is a lightweight, flexible and robust titanium alloy that is positioned at the top of the frame by Yonex. The benefits of the feature include the higher repulsion power it offers you, most especially, when making an attack. Also, the loud cum strong sound it gives you when the shuttlecock is hit put your opponent under instant pressure.

Balanced weight

The head-heavy balance ensures that the player has plenty of power to win points. The stability of the racket is also excellent and provides you with maximum control of your game. Exerting powerful smashes on the opponent and as well recovering in a flash without losing the balance of your game.


For any player who is seeking an upgrade from a beginner racket, Yonex Astrox 9 will be a welcome choice and even for advanced players who like to play both attack and defense styles. It is quite easy to handle and will improve the performance of the player.

Yonex keeps on maintaining ingenuity in the badminton market, and Astrox 9 even with its little flaws is one of those rackets you want to try out for increased performance.


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