Yonex Astrox 66 badminton racket review

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Head Heavy


4U (80g-84g)

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The new version of the Yonex Astrox 66 is for intermediate players that aim to play professional-level games. They will enjoy the Yonex innovations incorporated into this product.

Another useful feature of this product is that the racket is designed in such a way that it allows players to deliver powerful hit after hit while expending very little energy.

Technical Details – Yonex Astrox 66

This product’s color is mist purple; Astrox rackets are designed to be an attack-oriented model. They can propel you to lead in high-speed games, as they have a design that offers incredible smashes, thus allowing you to dominate the game. This product falls in this category, as well.

 The weight classification of the Yonex Astrox 66 in 4U, with an average weight of 83 grams. It also features a grip size of G5 targeting young or female players.

This badminton racket has a Head Heavy balance, which means that most of the weight is located in the head. This allows the racket to produces more power. The YonexAstrox 66 racket is announced by Yonex as a flexible shaft, but I found that this racket has more like a semi-stiff shaft.

The racket packs enough punch to offer the shuttlecock adequate explosive speed. Like all other standards, Astrox, but this product have an added advantage due to its flexibility, and it can easily defend swiftly while playing an offensive game.


These are some of the advantages of using YonexAstox 66 Racket

  • The YonexAstrox 66 can perform powerful shots, and defensive smashes that will stun your opponent, the massive head balance allows maximum power to be focused toward the shuttle.
  • Shaft flexibility – the Astrox 66 is designed with a flexible shaft that will enable the player to hit shots without exerting much energy, it easily defends smashes since you have little time to put energy into your ball.
  • Improved Durability- like most of the Astrox series, the YonexAstrox 66 is manufactured with solid materials. The frame is implemented with Named graphite, which offers strength and vigor to the racket so it can survive brushes with the floor and wall.


Highlighted below are some disadvantages of using this product

  • This racket could be too expensive for beginners or players who only play this game for fun. There are less costly options in the market that beginners can opt for.
  • The flexibility of the shaft can cause possible loss of precision and the slow return of the racket head to the normal position.

Features and Benefits – Yonex Astrox 66

Isometric Shape

The ISOMETRIC frame shape of the ASTROX 66 racket is designed to maintain vertical strings at an equal length. Also, the horizontal lines serve to offer an expanded sweet spot in almost all directions. Isometric frames have a larger sweet spot. The sweet spot is a specific area on the string bed of the racket, usually the center of the string bed. Hitting the sweet spot will give you maximum power, which will bring about a higher chance of getting a good shot regardless of the accuracy of the shot.

NAMD Graphite

A new dimension graphite material, NAMD, dramatically improves the adhesion of the graphite fibers and resin by combining nanomaterial directly to the graphite fiber. In high-performance rackets, it is common to combine nanomaterials with resin that bonds graphite fibers. Still, in NAMD, the nanomaterials are used directly on the graphite fibers, and the resin becomes increased. This innovation further leads to a shaft that stores energy, while still delivering an explosive amount of power when it meets with the shuttle. The stiffness properties of Namd inspired graphite produce sharper hits. At high speeds, the new shaft makes a longer stroke in the same time frame and at slower swing speed; the new shaft maintains stability for better control on drives.


Nanometric brings an improvement to the bonding strength between the carbon fibers taking the racket shaft construction to a whole new level. The amount of carbon in the shaft has been reduced to make it 60% thinner than a conventional racket while retaining stiffness,


Tough G Fiber is a combination of Carbon Nanotube and Glass Fiber, which has relatively three times the elasticity of conventional material. This new improvement is applied in the frame of “ASTROX 66” to enhance flexibility and maximize repulsion power, which provides a soft shot feeling and increases the flight distance of the shuttle. This badminton racket delivers the shuttle to the back of the court, creating a further advantage in the game.

Rotational Generator system

The progression of shots can be executed smoothly and swiftly by applying the counterbalance theory, and due to this, weight is shared along the frame top, grip end, and joint for maximum control. This is the feature that does not allow players to feel any heavyweight when using this racket. The Rotational Generator System makes sure that this racket performs well while defending, and offers increased speed for mid-court driving, drop shots, and defending opposing smashes.

Super Slim Long Shaft

This product also has a very slim long shaft, and this can influence the overall behavior of your racket. It provides increased power thanks to a more pronounced flexion and also reduces the air resistance while providing maximum feel.


The choice of a racket can affect the outcome of a game in more ways than one. So making the right choice will affect the result of a match positively, knowing this fact would have been useful when I started the game.

In summary, if you are an advanced or professional player that desires to play dominant and relatively accurate shots while using very little energy, this is the racket for you.

Though it is expensive and has little flaws, these are not reasons enough for you not to consider purchasing it. Get YonexAstrox 66 racket, and victory is definite in your next badminton game.

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