Yonex Astrox 55 badminton racket review

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Head Heavy


5U (75g-79g)

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The Yonex ASTROX 55 Light Silver badminton racket is described to occupy the lightweight category (78 grams). The ASTROX 55 has been optimized to perform better for intermediate players so that they can produce their fastest and steepest smashes.

The Astrox 55 is indeed noted to be a lighter, and softer flex version in the Astrox series. The new ASTROX racket comes pre-equipped with the latest innovative Rotational Generator System. The Astrox 55 badminton racket has been created by using the world’s first graphite that hardens for control and flexes for power

Technical Details – Yonex Astrox 55

The Yonex Astrox 55 has a G5 grip and a head-heavy balance with it. With the head-heavy balance and its lightweight, this racket offers every of the latest Yonex technologies available in a racket that is primarily designed to help in maximizing your swing speed and power.

The Yonex Astrox 55 has a 5U weight and medium-flex shaft. It also features a new graphite material, Namd, which offers a more precise and faster swing-speed than the Voltric series could. It further helps in providing players with the needed perfect blend of speed and power.

Thus the racket provides an advantage in every on-court rally as it now becomes more comfortable for players to hit incredible smashes and clears due to the medium-flex shaft it possesses.

In most high-performance rackets, it is reasonable to use a combination of Nano-materials and resin that attaches graphite fibers, but in Namd, you find something different, as the Nano-materials are directly fixed to the resin and graphite fibers is increased.

If you need a racket that can provide you with the extremely important Namd graphite and Astrox technology while also offering you extra power and a faster swing, then the Yonex Astrox 55 is the perfect fit for you.

Racket Pros

Powerful Shots

It is primarily designed for players who want to produce incredible and powerful shots with quicker maneuverability. Astrox rackets are also intended to be an attack-oriented model that can help you take the lead in a high-speed game fast.


This racket is described as super-fast, and this can be often seen on courts while playing. It can do this conveniently because of the new design that can help deliver on steep and powerful smashes, thus allowing you to wholly and ultimately dominate the court.

Incredible smashes

By going for a new design that apportions weight to the racket head in a different way when compared with the previous Yonex rackets, the Astrox 55 gives room for players to maintain their momentum while still providing faster reactions.

Racket Cons

Designed for Professionals

As this is a lightweight racket, the players that use it would still need to exercise their wrists a lot. And this could lead to you straining your wrists.

This is because the flex of this racket is quite stiff and so you would have to produce a sturdy swing and also create a lot of power using your wrists. This is the primary reason why it is not a good option for beginners, as they are just learning to play and try out different techniques.

I cannot imagine how tiresome it could be in learning how to play as a beginner with this racket.

It is not so long

Quite several players have often made complaints about the range of the Yonex Astrox 55 racket. It has been observed to be much quicker than most rackets. It could be very annoying and frustrating for players with long arms.

Apart from that, the short length does not in any way affect your performance on the court or off it.

Features and Benefits


This is the new dimension graphite material, Namd, from Yonex, and it has brought a great improvement to the adhesion of resin and the graphite fibers by using the nanomaterial directly close to the graphite.

This major innovation has helped produce a shaft that stores and flexes energy, thereby creating an explosive force on the impact it has with the shuttle.

Rotational Generator System

By using the counterbalance theory, weight is at this moment shared evenly throughout the frame top, grip end, and the joint to achieve maximum control. This transfer to the next shot can be carried out smoothly in quick and rapid succession.

Astrox 55 makes use of a world-first graphite material, which helps the adhesion of the graphite fibers greatly by sticking the nanomaterial directly to the fiber.

Built-in T-Joint

As it is molded deep into the graphite layers where the shaft connects with the frame, the YONEX Astrox 55 now has a Built-in T-Joint, which provides for a high-strength and durable one-piece frame that is free from any torque.

From the first movement of the player to the force of impact, the new graphite dimension becomes very difficult to harden. Thus, the shaft now extends and stores more energy basically because of the speed of the swing, and how fast it is.


You should know that playing with a more massive badminton racket can be tough and tiring on your elbow and shoulder. Because of these factors and considering some others, Yonex has then decided to introduce the Astrox 55 badminton racket, which by the way, is a superlight frame.

You shouldn’t allow the light frame to deceive you, though. The Astrox 55 badminton racket packs quite a punch. It is perfect for players who want to swing their racket faster and also make swift net touches and drops. You can now easily overwhelm your opposition with the powerful and fast Astrox.

This new Yonex Astrox 55 badminton racket is primarily designed for players who like to have a devastating and steep angled smash, taking the game straight to their opponents.




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