Yonex Astrox 22 badminton racket review

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Very Stiff


Head Heavy


2F 70g

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The Yonex ASTROX 22 badminton racket comes at a lightweight range as it is 70 grams. It is a Head Heavy balance badminton racket that features a very stiff shaft for precision control. Though the racket is somewhat light, when the racket is used alongside the right performance-based string, e.g., BG-66 Ultimax, or BG-80 Power, it can generate the right proportion of power.

Technical Details- Yonex Astrox 22

An intermediate player might probably want to go for a head heavy frame. This is because of the stiff shaft and superior power that aids the control. Although most people would want a racket that has a much lighter feel.

Most times, you see a lot of advanced players play with 3U rackets because of the more solid punch and feel. Instead, they prefer to go for noises with a stiff shaft and massive head shaft. This helps produce lots of accuracy and power when making their shots.

With an exact and fast racket speed, they can maneuver the racket to enjoy a maximum advantage. Another great example of a racket for an advanced player is the Yonex Duora Zstrike, as it sure packs a lot of power needed to make superb shots.

You must also know that the Astrox 22 is the lightest badminton frame yet produced from Yonex themselves. It has all the characteristics of an advanced level racket, as it weighs in around 70 grams. Also, it offers the intermediate level player an opportunity to play powerful shots with much precision and ease.

The racket packs enough punch to offer the shuttlecock adequate explosive speed. Like all other standards Astrox, the ASTROX 22 racket features the newly introduced Rotational Generator System. The counterbalanced head is designed to match each of your shots, thus helping you to gain control of the drive and also attack the opposition with a steeper angle, increased acceleration, and finally, more than enough power on the smash.


  • Attack-oriented- it is no myth that Astrox rackets are designed to be attack-oriented, which would serve as a massive advantage for those interested in taking the lead when playing in a high-speed game.
  • Beautiful design- It features a model that can offer you steep, powerful smashes, thus allowing you to be a king on the court.
  • Weight distribution- By going for the counterbalance theory, weight is evenly shared throughout the frame top, grip end, and the joint to enjoy access to maximum control. The transition to playing the next shot can then be performed smoothly in rapid succession.


  • Scarce- it has been observed that this racket is somewhat limited, as it cannot be seen in most stores online. Some players claim not to have heard about it altogether, as it is still relatively unknown in the market. It is therefore recommended that Yonex launch and all-inclusive campaign to bring the notice of players to it, as this would further help in improving low hype this fantastic racket has.

Features and Benefits- Yonex Astrox 22

Isometric racket sheet

The Astrox 22 racket, which is produced by Yonex, has an isometric shape. This is good because an isometric leaf features an extra-large sweet spot. This sweet spot is the portion of the blade where you can best hit the shuttle and where the efforts made with your stroke brings about the maximum effect. Whenever the sweet spot gets more prominent, there is then a higher chance of getting a good shot, even when the shuttle is not hit accurately. As a result of all these features listed, there is an active hitting area which is generated, and it is 32% larger when compared to some other standard rackets that have different length of the cross and main strings.


The Rotational Generator system that comes with this racket offers more consistent and smoother shot transitions by using the counterbalance theory. Because of this new technology, the weight is now shared throughout the grid end, frame top, and the joint equally to bring about a massive control improvement.


The NANOMESH NEO feature serves to reinforce the frame, as it adds more flexibility to the racket. Because it is an adhesive that bonds resin with graphite fibers to bring about an increased shaft flex. Consequentially, there is a generation of more increased energy transfer and transfer of more power. Also, after shuttle impacts, the frame then returns to its original position faster than before.


The Yonex Built-in T-Joint is primarily designed to provide for more precision and added power. The Built-in T-Joint is crafted genuinely into the layers of graphite, and the frame connects well with the shaft. It produces a high-strength frame that is torque-free and durable. As a result of this, the user can then enjoy more accurate and authoritative hits.


The AERO+BOX Frame technology is mainly used to reduce air resistance and provide for a quicker swing. As a result of this, the head speed is increased, and more power and speed are sent into making hits.

Power Boost Cap 

The POWER BOOST CAP makes use of both soft and hard materials to maximize the bending power of the shaft without having to lose stability. The front moves the shaft and sends the maximum effect. The arch-shaped curve stabilizes the racket by stopping the axle from twisting.


In summary, if you want to buy an advanced level racket that has a lighter feel, then I can confidently tell you that this is the racket for you. You need to note that the manufacturer has a recommended stringing tension, and if it is not adhered to, the frame will be immensely affected.

An intermediate player would probably not be able to handle the more massive frame to produce the racket swing speed required to make quick and precise shots, thus leading to inaccurate shots and mishits.

Finally, this would make the warranty from the manufacturer rather void. Before making any purchase, ensure you carry out thorough research to get which racket best suits your playing style and is best themed for your purse as well!

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