Yonex Arcsaber FD badminton racket review

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5U (75g-79g)

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There are lots of rackets in the market today, such that if you do not carefully choose the one that suits you, you can’t enjoy the game. One of the best of rackets is the Yonex Arcsaber FD. This is a racket that has the proper features a standard racket does.

It is made of Nanometric technology, has a large sweet spot, a light head size. With this racket, your skills will be impressive during training sessions and tournaments.

It is best for intermediate or experienced players that can generate power with their wrists.

Technical Details – Yonex Arcsaber FD Racket 

This racket is known to have a weight classification of 5U, which is not the same as the usual 4U classification known to be from Yonex. In the exact terms, it weighs 78 grams, making it thus one of the lightest rackets you can find on the market today.

Although, it is not as light as the Yonex Arcsaber FB, which has been designed to be the lightest racket from the company on the market today. The racket has a G4 grip, which is identical to the other rackets to have been released from the manufacturer.

I would consider this as a perfect size, especially for players who like me have been using Yonex rackets for some time already. It comes pre-strung already, which means that you can use it immediately you remove it out of the packaging. In case you plan on restringing your racket in the future, then you need to know that the manufacturer recommends that the tension should be about 19 to 24 pounds.

The ArcSaber FD has been constructed for the all-round players, as it also feels very light in hand. In case you want to get better at making precise shots, then the Yonex ArcSaber FD is the right option for you. Furthermore, the ArcSaber FD offers you the opportunity to enjoy better control in your shots.

You would feel more power and improved control with this racket the moment you lay your hands on it.


The Grip is Excellent

The Yonex Arcsaber FD comes with an impressive grip that also has a good control support cap. This feature makes the racket stable enough to handle vibration and shock absorption. It also does a great job in improving the stability of the racket. As the balance of the racket is developed, how comfortable the player is also considered. 

It is Lightweight

The weight of this racket is considered a medium, and it is evident in how excellent the control and speed is. The lightweight feature makes it easy for players to respond to attacks from opponents. And when you swing, you do not need to put in a lot of effort. But it still requires power because of its stiff flex.

Quality Materials

The materials that are used by the Yonex are always of top quality. Therefore, the Yonex Arcsaber FD is made of quality materials that ensure its performance and price is worth it. It is from graphite and Nanometric technology.

Large Sweet Spot

The string of this racket is a quality one that enhances the sweet spot section. This design helps to ensure that players can hit the shuttle with maximum power even without proper positioning.


Whatever has advantages also has disadvantages. The disadvantages are:

The length is short

Some players have complained about the range of Yonex Arcsaber FD. It is quicker than several other rackets. It can be troublesome for players with long arms. Other than that, the short length doesn’t affect your performance. 

Not for Beginners

Although this is a light racket, players that use it will still have to use their wrists a lot. And this can cause straining of the wrists. This is because the flex of this racket is stiff and so you need to offer a strong swing and also provide power with your wrists. This is the primary reason that makes it a bad idea for beginners. I can imagine how tiring it would be to start with this racket as a beginner.

Features and Benefits

A better performing racquet is designed in a way that it takes the opposing spin and shot so well, and you need to know that with ArcSaber FD, you do not also need to bother. One of the best parts about this racquet is that it has a great feel. You can further use it as an extension of your arm which offers you the room to place wide shots.


The racquet grounds itself firmly in Nano-science as the materials used have been integrated with carbon fibres that help hold them together tightly without leaving the space for any gap. It offers racquet much-needed durability and strength.


Yonex has decided to make the racquet’s squared isometric frame to ensure that the vertical strings have a similar length along with the horizontal lines to bring an expansion to the sweet spot in virtually all the directions where you land your shots.

Nano air Spring

It has resin binds which have Nano air springs that bond the carbon fibres to give room for the nanoscale air bubbles to carry out their jobs and maintain the racquet’s flex the same way a spring does, and this is my favourite feature. This technology puts the power behind the shots, basically because of the transfer of energy.

T-Joint (Built-in)

There is a trademark T-Joint by Yonex which is moulded deep into the graphite layers where the shaft leads to the frame. This joint produces a high-strength durable frame which does not have any form of torque


One major thing that puts me off with the lightweight racquets is the mere fact that they don’t cover shots cleanly, especially when you are defending. However, you need to know that the ArcSaber FD does justice to the mentioned factor above entirely, and you do not need to go overboard in a bid to play aggressively as well. Apart from the fact that it is lightweight, this racket has some benefits that are sure you to endear you to it.

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