LI-Ning Windstorm 72 badminton racket review

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Head Heavy


6U (70g-74g)

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The LI-Ning Windstorm racket is one of the very best of rackets used in the game of Badminton. It is one that is popular for its speed and aptness, and these are a result of the lightweight feature it has. This particular racket is of the Extra skill Series. This Series is made up of various rackets that have a fast response as well as a lightweight feature. The LI-Ning Windstorm racket is excellent for its flexible shaft and extremely light frame. Players also love it because of its control and power.

Technical Details – LI-Ning Windstorm 72

The LI-Ning Windstorm comes with a head-heavy balance and has a flexible shaft that provides players with accurate and authoritative hits, as well as strong smashes. It is a lightweight racket that combines a head-heavy balance with a 6U weight, and it has been designed for players that want the speed of their shots to increase. The impressive speed this racket has makes it quite easy to fire also defend perfectly.

It is a racket that makes a statement whenever it is taken to court. As it has been mentioned earlier, LI-Ning Windstorm badminton racket is classified as one of the new skill series which is known for their flexible shafts and lighter frames that in turn adds to the activeness of the racket. 

This is as a result of the Aerotec Beam and UHB shaft, making it more flexible and also helps to reduce the drag coefficiency.  The features of this racket also help players to control it better as well as producing accurate strokes and shots all around the court. The frame of the material is made of a very light technology and commercial Grade Carbon Fiber and Dynamic optimum. The shaft is made of Commercial Grade Carbon Fiber and the UHB Shaft. The Grommets are of 72 holes, the tension of the max is 30 lbs, and the diameter of the shaft is 7.0mm.

All because of the 6U weight that this racket has, the Windstorm 72 tries to offer crazy and unmatched handling speeds, thus ensuring that it is an absolute joy and wonder about using when defending and also attacking at the net. Because of the head-heavy balance and flexible shaft of this racket, the Windstorm 72 also can offer players incredible and excellent power for clears and smashes.

Racket Pros

  • It is extremely lightweight
  • It is very comfortable
  • It is a soft racket, but the quality is strong
  • Comes with impressive gaming sensations
  • It is very flexible
  • Comes with an impressive speed
  • Has a good control
  • It is powerful
  • Great for defense
  • Sharp response
  • Powerful smashes
  • Swings very easily

Racket Cons

  • It comes with a few low hand difficulties
  • It is not as flexible as the reviews say
  • The adaptation time takes a while

Features and Benefits – LI-Ning Windstorm 72  

TB-Nano Powertec

This is the nanometer technology that is a combination of resin and carbon fiber that brings about the durability, stability, elasticity, as well as an excellent striking. It also improves the strength of the racket. This feature also makes the LI-Ning Windstorm 72 classified among the very best of rackets.

Aerotec-Beam System

This feature is one that comes with extra aerodynamic badminton racket frame structure, which has been designed to reduce the air resistance. At the same time, the Aero-Beam system helps to maintain the strength of the frame. It also helps to minimize athletic fatigue that increases the competitive advantage to the player. The structure of the racket has a high intensity and a little drag coefficient. This helps to improve the performance and speed of players in different directions of the court.

Dynamic-Optimum Frame

This feature comes with an improved hitting velocity as well as a full stringing area and an increased bounce strength. LI-Ning Windstorm comes with an enlarged sweet spot that extends upwards, thereby making it great for defending and smashing. This feature makes the racket a high tech one that delivers beyond even the expectation of players. It is also characterized as a racket with a defensive and offensive performance.

UHB Shaft

The racket shaft of this racket is made of quality materials like the UHB. It comes with a frontal bending point that improves the smash performance of the racket. It is of cutting-edge technological equipment that is made up of real data gotten from the player’s practice and a shaft performance of continuous management.


The LI-Ning Windstorm 72 badminton racket is a grand looking racket with very nice features that makes it remarkable. If you need the best badminton racket available on the market currently, then this guide would certainly help you in deciding what badminton racket can best suit your needs. When you consider the game of badminton, one of the most important things to take note of is your badminton racket, and it has to be an incredible one. This guide would certainly help you in choosing the best badminton racket that is well designed for you. Even if you are a beginner or amateur who needs the right racket to start playing and enjoying badminton and seeing a noticeable improvement in your skills, this racket is the one for you.

When you combine these qualities with the excellent design, what you have is a racket that would aid you in making a big statement on the court in virtually every way possible. In case you still have further questions to ask or need to make more inquiries on the Windstorm 72, do go online to read more reviews that would help in your decision making the process. We do hope you’ve been impressed with the information we have provided on this product, as it is a product of meticulous and diligent research aimed at delivering timely, useful, and accurate information to our readers.

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