Li Ning Turbo Charging N9-II badminton racket review



Most experienced badminton players will find rackets that can deliver impressive power useful for their style of play. Moreover, won’t they have much more interest and love for a badminton racket which is exceptionally durable?

Your choice of a badminton racket is based on your preference and your style of play. No one will truly understand what you need to stay ahead of your game except yourself. However, from the numerous rackets on the market, only a few rackets will meet your taste.

More so, a perfect badminton racket in the hand of a professional player makes an enjoyable game. And Li Ning Turbo Charging N9-II badminton racket is an excellent tool in the hand of a professional badminton player.

For players who often play challenging and attacking games, Li Ning Turbo Charging N9-II badminton racket is sure the best racket for your style.

The racket comes with all the essential features to make you have the best badminton experience. Also, the racket coupled with your skills and knowledge of the racket sport will make you command the court with powerful smashes that put your opponents out of balance.

Therefore, carefully read through the other parts of the review to learn more about Li Ning Turbo Charging N9-II badminton racket as you make your decision.

Racket Specs:

Player level:Advanced
Player type:Attacking
Flexibility:Semi Stiff
Balance: Head Heavy
Weight: 3U (85g – 89g)
Grip size: G2

Technical Details

Li Ning Turbo Charging N9-II is one of the racket models manufactured in China. The racket is designed by Li-Ning, one of the leading sports brand companies in China. The racket showcases the latest technology to improve players’ speed, power, and control.

It is regarded as an impressive racket that is mainly recommended for professional badminton players. Champions in the league of Fu Haifeng, are known to use the racket.

With a 3U weight classification, this badminton racket averagely weighs 87 grams. It also features a grip size of G2. It is noteworthy that the weight and the grip come almost in the same form with other outstanding badminton rackets in the market. Therefore, it won’t be difficult for players to master how to handle it.

Concerning the shaft, the badminton racket features a semi-stiff shaft. About the balance, Li Ning Turbo Charging N9-II is Head Heavy. Therefore, professional players who have accurately mastered the techniques of badminton will find the racket easy to use and manipulate. This feature makes the racket better recommended for advanced players.

The racket comes with a head cover that prevents it from dust. This head cover also prevents the badminton racket from wear and tear which enhances longevity.


Highlighted below are some of the advantages the Li Ning Turbo Charging N9-II badminton racket has over other rackets in the market.

Perfect for Challenging & Offensive Style of Play:

The exceptional features of Li Ning Turbo Charging N9-II make it ideal for players that play challenging games. Characteristics such as its weight which foster fast and timely reaction, the medium flex which facilitates easy swinging and manipulation.

Enhanced Durability:

The badminton racket is crafted with long-lasting materials that make it durable. With this feature, you can be sure of the level of durability you derive from this badminton racket.

Extended sweet spot:

The Dynamic-Optimum Frame extends the sweet spots of the string plan to deliver a high tolerance and ease handling.

Easy to control:

The badminton racket is very easy to control and manipulate. The Bio-Inner Cone feature enables superior flexibility to the shaft. More so, with this great feature present in Li Ning Turbo Charging N9-II, you will primarily have enhanced enjoyment during the badminton game.

Unique Turbo Charging Technology:

The badminton racket features Turbo Charging Technology. This unique feature offers tolerance and power for fast and lively players. It enhances quick attacks, precise & controlled defenses.


Below are some of the apparent disadvantages of Li Ning Turbo Charging N9-II badminton racket.

Inappropriate for unprofessional players:

For beginners and intermediate players, the racket is unseemly for them. The technicality and features of the badminton racket go beyond the levels of inexperienced players. Therefore, the racket is mainly recommended for advanced players.

Quite Expensive:

The cost of the Li Ning Turbo Charging N9-II badminton racket is another turnoff. For nonprofessional badminton players who play merely for fun, you may want to consider other rackets that have lower prices. More so, there are lots of budget-friendly alternatives in the market that will still offer you maximum performance.

Racket Ranking:









Feature & Benefits

Li Ning Turbo Charging N9-II badminton racket is crafted with the latest technology. The use of these advanced technologies in designing the badminton racket maximize players’ performance. Some of these unique features include:

Turbo Charging Technology

The badminton racket features a Turbo Charging Technology. This unique technology offers enhanced tolerance and power. With innovative trapezoid frame featured in the Turbo Charging Technology, the players can react within a short frame of time with faster strikes.

Aerodynamic Frame

Li Ning Turbo Charging N9-II features Aerodynamic Frame design. This unique feature helps to reduce air resistance and as well improve the speed of smashes. It also showcases a high balance point which gives it a more massive head while delivering tremendous shuttle striking capabilities.

Carbon Graphite Shaft

The badminton racket is constructed with a carbon fiber shaft. This material enhances toughness, Impact strength, and repulsion power within the racket.

Aerotec-Beam System

The racket features Aerotec-Beam System. This design helps to improve the frame structure and as well provides air resistance for longevity.

TB Nano Powertec Frame

Li Ning Turbo Charging N9-II features TB Nano Powertec which has the application of nanometer technology. This better makes the racket more durable and reinforcing its frame.

Dynamic-Optimum Frame

The badminton racket features a dynamic-optimum frame. This cutting-edge technology in this badminton series enlarges the sweet spot. Also, the presence of the feature increases the repulsion performance of the racket.


The Li Ning Turbo Charging N9-II is a racket designed for players who are advanced and possess the skills and knowledge of the game. The features present in this racket are unique for a fast strike, swift reaction, easy control, and manipulation.

With its weight and construction design which makes enables natural swinging, and great repulsion this racket is still good enough for its price.

If you value the features that come with this racket, you should consider going for it.


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