Li Ning N90-III badminton racket review

Li-Ning-N90-III racket


Your choice of a badminton racket is mostly dependent on your preference, your skills, and your style of play. No one will understand your needs, your strengths, and ability and the game like you do, as such, it is essential for a player to discover his or her individuality.

A perfect badminton racket in the hand of a professional player makes a fascinating game. Moreover, Li Ning N90-III badminton racket is the best tool in the hand of any professional badminton player.

For players with an offensive style of play who derives joy from delivering aggressive smashes with every shot, you can rest assured of Li Ning N90-III badminton racket.

The racket comes with all the essential features to make your game enjoyable as you look forward to commanding the court with powerful smashes during your games.

Racket Specs:

Player level:Advanced
Player type:Attacking
Flexibility:Semi Stiff
Balance: Head Heavy
Weight: 3U(85g – 89g)
Grip size: S2

Technical Details

Li Ning N90-III is one of the numerous racket models manufactured in China. The racket is designed by Li-Ning with the latest technology to improve its user’s speed, power, and control. It is regarded as an impressive racket that is mainly recommended for professional badminton players.

With a 3U weight classification, this badminton racket averagely weighs 87 grams. It also features a grip size of S2. This grip size is extra small. People who have small hands will easily handle this racket because of the size of the grip.

The badminton racket features an impressive frame and shaft design. The frame and shaft are crafted with carbon graphite which is super durable and helps racket to withstand high tension.

Talking about the shaft, the badminton racket features a semi-stiff shaft. This makes it an ideal racket for most badminton players. It is very often the choice of reason made by the players having already a little practice but not knowing to define their qualities and their defects.

The racket comes pre-strung. However, for the effective performance of the badminton racket it is advisable that the string tension should be between 32 to 35 LBS.

The racket comes with a head cover that prevents it from dust. This head cover also prevents the badminton racket from wear and tear which enhances longevity.

About the balance, Li Ning N90-III has a Head Heavy balance.


Highlighted below are some of the advantages the Li Ning N90-III badminton racket has over other rackets in the market.

Perfect for Offensive Style of Play: 

The exceptional features of Li Ning N90-III make it ideal for aggressive players. Features such as its weight which fosters fast and timely reaction, the semi-stiff shaft which facilitates natural swinging and manipulation.

Enhanced Durability:

The badminton racket is crafted with long-lasting materials that make it durable. With this feature, you can be sure of the level of durability you derive from this badminton racket.

Good grip:

Li Ning N90-III comes with an excellent grip. This feature offers you great comfort during your game. The grip of a badminton racket goes a long way to determine how players will perform in the court. The racket features PU (Poly-Urethane) material which is ideal for Men & Women players.

Easy to control:

The badminton racket is very easy to control and manipulate. Whereas, these two features are lacking in most badminton rackets. However, with these great features present in Li Ning N90-III, you will primarily have enhanced enjoyment during the badminton game.

Unique Aerodynamic Frame:

The badminton racket features 3D Break-Free Technology. This unique feature helps to reduce air resistance and as well improve the speed of smashes.


Below are some of the apparent disadvantages of Li Ning N90-III badminton racket.

Inappropriate for unprofessional players:

For beginners and intermediate players, the racket is inappropriate for them. The technicality and features of the badminton racket go beyond the levels of inexperienced players. Hence, the racket is mainly recommended for advanced players.

Quite Expensive:

The cost of the Li Ning N90-III badminton racket is another turnoff. For nonprofessional badminton players who play merely for fun, you may want to consider other rackets that have lower prices. More so, there are lots of budget-friendly alternatives in the market that will still offer you maximum performance.

Racket Ranking:









Feature & Benefits

Li Ning N90-III badminton racket is crafted with the latest technology. The implementation of these advanced technologies in crafting the badminton racket maximizes players’ performance. Some of these unique features include:

Isometric head shape

The badminton racket features an isometric head shape. This isometric head shape structure is better compared to the oval-shaped head. The head shape creates a larger sweet spot in all directions and hence makes it easier for you to improve your accuracy and powerful shots.

3D Break-Free Technology

Li Ning N90-III comes with this 3D Break-Free Technology. It is specifically designed to deliver Big Power, Impressive offensive & attacking drives, and improved speed.

Aerodynamic Frame

Li Ning N90-III features Aerodynamic Frame design. This unique feature helps to reduce air resistance and as well improve the speed of smashes. It also showcases a high balance point which gives it a more massive head while delivering tremendous shuttle striking capabilities.

Carbon Graphite Shaft

The badminton racket is constructed with a carbon fibre shaft. This material enhances toughness, Impact strength, and repulsion power within the racket.

Aerotec-Beam System

The racket features Aerotec-Beam System. This design helps to improve the frame structure and as well provides air resistance for longevity.

TB Nano Powertec Frame

 Li Ning N90-III features TB Nano Powertec which has the application of nanometer technology. This better makes the racket more durable and reinforcing its frame.


The badminton racket is an excellent racket crafted for advanced players. Li Ning N90-III badminton racket comes with impressive features that make it durable for the offensive style of play.

Therefore, if you are a professional badminton player who also has a heavy-budget for a badminton racket, then, this racket might be the choicest racket for you.





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