Best Badminton Stringing Machines 2022– Top Brands: Gamma and Klippermate Machines Reviewed


Best Badminton Stringing Machines

Choosing the right badminton stringing machine can be quite cumbersome as the process can be complicated. The process of stringing is part of what contributes to how good your racket is. In case you have a bad racket, the issue can be from its strings, then it needs to be restrung, and so that brought about the need for a stringing machine.

Quality badminton rackets are products of a quality stringing machine. This article will be reviewing some of the very best badminton stringing machines, alongside the various brands and qualities.





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Klippermate Badminton Stringing Machine

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Gamma X-ST Racquet Stringing Machine

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Prince NEOS 1000 Stringing Machine

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Gamma Progression II Els Stringing Machine

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Tourna 600-ES Constant Pull Stringing Machine

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SIBOASI S2169 Intelligent Badminton Racket Stringing Machine

how To pick a Badminton Stringing Machine

If you are new to the games like Badminton, Tennis, Squash and the likes, you may not know the importance of a stringing machine. When you do not replace the strings of your racket often, it can do prevent you from having an impressive performance.

The older your strings are, the harder you will have to work to get an excellent performance. No one wants to buy something that won’t be worth it at the end of the day; therefore, ensure your racket is strung correctly with an excellent badminton stringing machine.

If you play very often, then you need to restring your racket at least four to five times a year, but if you do not go to the court regularly, then you can restring about twice a year. This is to show just how important stringing a racket is and that also relays just how vital a badminton stringing machine is.

Even if you string your racket often but make sure of a bad stringing machine, then your efforts won’t be evident in the racket and also your performance. These stringing machines are of various types, and they include; Drop-weight stringing machines, electronic stringing machines, and the crank stringing machines.

The three types mentioned above are the major categories of stringing machines. You can do well to research these types, so you know the one you want. In getting any string machine, there are key factors to consider. These factors include;

Mounting System:

Badminton stringing machines come in a variety of mounting systems. The mounting system of a stringing machine is determined by the number of contact points used to hold the racket as it is being strung.

Some machines have as high as six contact points, while some can have as little as two contact points. The more that contact points, the longer the stringing will be, but that makes the racket stable.

The machines with two contact points string faster, and they are cheaper than the ones with high points. Research has shown that machines with two contact points usually have the frame twist during the process of stringing.

Tension Options:

Each badminton stringing machine comes with its tension setting. Some pull strings up to 30 pounds or a bit higher while some can pull as high as 90 pounds of tension. So the amount of tension you need will determine the exact type of machine you would get.

You should bear in mind that devices have various ways with which they operate. Some are electric, and some are crank while others are manual. The electronic machines use a computer chip and a motor to set the tension.

Manual machines will require your energy to set the tension aright. The manual machines are not as expensive as the electric ones, but they also do the job just fine. It is your preference that will let you make your choice.

Price and size:

These stringing machines come in various sizes. You have the portable ones that can fit on a tabletop while the others are large machines that stand on a pedestal. If you plan on taking the machine around, then it is better to get a small machine.

As the sizes differ, so do their prices. Small machines can be bought for $200 while the big one can be as high as $1000. The need for a stringing machine, be it indoors or outdoors, will determine the size of the one you will get. And the amount you have and you are willing to spend on a stringing machine will determine which one to get.

String Clamps:

Some stringing machines come with fixed clamps while others come with floating clamps. Floating clamps are cheap and can be found in a standard stringing machine. While fixed clamps are not as affordable as the floating ones, but they are better at being consistent as regards tension. The fixed clamps can only be found in expensive models. The type of clamp you prefer and can afford will also be a factor to consider when getting a stringing machine.

Top 9 Best Badminton Stringing Machines

1.Gamma X-Stringer Racquet Stringing Machine

This Stringing machine for badminton racket is directly from the brand “gamma,” which is one of the best and most impressive brands among all the popular brand’s list.


  • You can restring your racket with professional precision
  • Materials used in manufacturing this machine are high-quality
  • Ideal for players who string their rackets regularly


  • It is a bit on the expensive side

Detailed description

It is no secret that the Gamma stringing machines are the ideal options for athletes, coaches, and even business owners who need to restring their rackets regularly. You can gain almost any string tension according to what your playing style and needs are.

With this gamma X-stringing machine, there is a nickel-chrome plated steel bar which is a turntable, which in turn provides users with the rotation of 360 degrees needed to enjoy greater ease of use. There is a drop-weight tensioning mechanism of a machine that accommodates about 9 to 90 lbs. Which is actually perfect for your game.

This stringing machine gives you the room to restring your racket using a professional precision. It is constructed using “V” mounts and a 6-point Quick Mount System, which leads to the firm maintenance and security of your racket. All these help keep it in place while you continue to do your work.

2. Gamma Progression Racquet Stringing Machine

In case you’re searching for a portable model, then this is most likely one of the best-budget tennis stringing machines available for you on the market.


  • It has multi-purpose functions
  • It is a high-quality stringing machine
  • It is very reliable


  • It does not require much effort to learn
  • Little time needed to know how to use

Detailed description

When you talk about the ease of usage and portability, then this stringer features a clean and neat design that makes it ideal for moving it around. It can be described as an affordable drop weight stringer that comes with two composite floating clamps.

To enjoy better convenience, it has a built-in tool tray. This particular stringing machine has a really solid construction, which in turn makes it a very durable and reliable product. It would serve you well for some years to come, as it offers a good return on investment. Furthermore, this set comes with some tools, plus three different sets of Gamma tennis strings that you would enjoy when you make this purchase.

3. Tourna 300-CS Crank Stringing Machine

The Tourna 300-CS is described as a full-kitted, premium quality, standalone manual crank stringing machine which has a 6-point contact system.


  • It can produce tension between 9 and 102 pounds
  • It makes use of six contact points and fixed clamps


  • It is a costly product

Detailed description

This machine has a self-leveling mechanism that serves the purpose of holding down the taut strings in place with the aid of the included double-action fixed clamps. This springhead machine features a spring tension winder that has to be manually operated to create the desired amount and level of tension.

It also has a tension scale, which is calibrated to both pounds and kilograms. This feature makes it much easier to understand the pattern and mode through which the tension system generates tension. This product features a unique octagonal turntable that has a 360-degree rotation and locking mechanism.

4. Klippermate Badminton Stringing Machine

It is no joke that this is incredibly a major best-selling machine in the US, and it is also known to be the only stringing machine that is entirely crafted in America.


  • It is very strong and durable
  • Has a bag for easy storage
  • Comes at an affordable price for a good quality
  • Features 30-day money-back guarantee after making the purchase
  • Has an Unlimited lifetime guarantee on the tools and machine


  • Manual offers instruction on tennis rackets only, leaving out badminton rackets
  • The instructions are not clear-cut if you've not used a stringing machine before
  • The featured awl is excessively big for the badminton rackets
  • The screw that holds the racket in place is too big for badminton rackets
  • The screw might break while removing the racket

Detailed description

This stringing machine is made use of by different players all around the world who want to save money by opting to string their rackets at home instead of taking it out to professionals who demand a service charge.

It offers accurate and precise stringing with the precision tension set to one-half pound, although the tension is available from about 10 to 32 pounds. It has some lightweight clamps that make the job of stringing along easy, plus a full toolkit which includes plier, awl, and two clamps.

You would also enjoy access to two different string packages, which are 33 feet each, as one is white synthetic, while one is darker plus one grip package.

There is unlimited tech support made available from the Klippermate customer service team, and it also comes with a complete instruction manual. The performance and design of this tool make it quite suitable for personal use.

It features a drop weight mechanism that further aids in completing the work faster when compared with some other models. Also, there is a steel base that aids in eliminating the need for an additional bolt or clamp for holding down the stringer. Furthermore, this stringing machine is designed using quality materials, and all you need to do is just to mount it on a stable surface to use the stringing machine.

5. Gamma X-ST Racquet Stringing Machine

The Yonex Nanoray Junior 2018 New Badminton Racket is a good product which helps children to make a hit in their badminton game. This racket is recommended for children between the ages of 4 to 7.


  • It features an easy and straightforward installation procedure
  • It has a patented rotational string guide


  • It is not an advisable option for a beginner

Detailed description

It demands that you use more physical strength and effort before you would be able to get the restringing job done. It also delivers on a more improved precision around the tension weight when you compare it with the drop weight system. Also, it offers users a firm hold due to the six-point contact mount system it has.

There is an aluminum base that provides the item an overall lightweight construction. There is a linear string gripper that comes with a rotational string guide that would also help you. It would probably take you a while before you can fully understand the mechanism used in this stringing machine, but I can assure you that after making use of it for some time, you would be able to get the work done more efficiently and faster.

Summarily, this product ranks high on our list mainly because of the excellent features it has, and the fantastic reviews this tennis stringing machine has on other sites.

6. Prince NEOS 1000 Stringing Machine

This is designed to be a high-end, top-performing stand-alone manual crank stringer that has a 2-point mounting system.


  • It has a quality build system and design
  • It features a height-adjustable tool tray


  • It features a two-point system
  • The racket frame is liable to bending and twisting during restringing

Detailed description

It has a cross-shaped mount base that helps to hold the tension head and the machine body together in the same position. This model is designed to stand on four feet while resting on leveling pads. It also features a premium quality spring tension winder, which has to be cranked manually for generating tension.

The racket gripper in this category is made in the form of parallel rotating jaws that bring improvement to the grip. Also, the hard-wearing materials allow for a secure grip surface. It’s not just easy to use, but the overall quality and design also provide users with comfort when working for an extended time.

7. Gamma Progression II Els Stringing Machine

This top of the line stringing machine has a six-point quick-mount support system that can pull from nine to ninety pounds of tension.


  • The 5-year limited warranty is available
  • Optional floor stand and foot pedal switch
  • Stringing takes a short time


  • Information contained in the manual for string patterns and rackets is not substantial
  • Not so portable because of its large size
  • It is more expensive when compared with some other machines

Detailed description

It features some universal string clamps which are diamond-coated to generate the proper pressure needed for badminton rackets plus a diamond-coated rotational string gripper. The teeth spacing on the machine make it a useful one for all types of rackets too.

It features a straight awl, bent nose pliers, a hex set wrench, and a pathfinder awl, straight pliers, and diagonal cut pliers. You would also notice that there is a 360-degree turntable rotation which is complete with a locking brake plus quick-action swivel clamp bases. It is 220 and 110 volt compatible, too.

The digital control panel gives you the room to toggle the tension, and it comes with nine memory settings that aid your convenience. You could check and alter the knot function, the pre-stretch, pulling speed, and do internal diagnostic checks too.

8. Tourna 600-ES Constant Pull Stringing Machine

It is important to note that when it comes to the best-stringing machines for badminton rackets available on the market, the Tourna brand stands out as one of the best brands ever.


  • Tensioner with advanced microprocessor technology
  • Neat and clean design
  • Easy to use


  • Not so easy to purchase on the market

Detailed description

You can string your tennis or badminton racket easily on the Tourna 600-ES as it works flawlessly and in a perfectly fine manner. This stringing machine has a display which is quite easy and straightforward to read, as it is simple and on the top-of-the-line machine.

If you want to toggle between a six pulling speed or a four-level of pre-stretch, all you have to do is push the button. For tie-off pulls, this machine comes with a knot-tensioning feature. The control panel thus offers you a timer so that you can easily step up your job. You can also set the tension from 10 to about 90 pounds.

Furthermore, for a better understanding, you just need to convert the display into the kilograms unit. On a variety of gauges and string types, the diamond-dust rotational tensioner can be used easily, and it holds strings more easily with precision and accuracy. There are the five-tooth clamps which are quite easy and comfortable to use.

It can be locked with one hand only, although it holds the string securely without risking damages of any sort. By pushing the lever, the swivel base of the clamps would easily rotate and slide in the table tracks. This Constant Pull stringing machine would give your racket perfect strings!

9. SIBOASI S2169 Intelligent Badminton Racket Stringing Machine

The worldwide famous brand SIBOSI is designed to be an intelligent smart stringing machine, which is especially useful for the badminton racket.


  • The operation panel is designed to be user-friendly
  • Features Constant Pulls Tension System
  • Stringing time memory function is accounted for
  • High pound protectors used on the two sides of the arm frame


  • This product is somewhat expensive

Detailed description

This machine features a menu setting, LCD screen, and some other function buttons which can be found on the operation panel. This operational panel is designed to be user-friendly, as the naming found on its buttons indicates the functions they all perform.

This product features a microcomputer control pounds self-correction, which is measured in 0.1 increments. It features the newly introduced Constant pulls tension system plus the three kinds of tension speed function associated with electronic control. For accessing quick tension and enjoying protecting string, there is also an Auto-Start quick closing linear string gripper, which can be found in the machine.

The stringing time memory function can be seen as it is obvious. In this stringing machine, there is an Intelligent converter that is present (100–240V); thus, it’s very suitable for almost any country. The racket clamped system is designed to be very productive, and it delivers very uniform and fast stress for the badminton racket.

The material that is used in clamping parts is so unique and special that no shunting would ever occur, and it is quite convenient to the string. To make the racket more stable and reliable, there are high pound protectors that have been used on both sides of the arm frame.


The Gamma X-Stringer Racquet Stringing Machine because it is no secret that the Gamma stringing machines are the ideal options for athletes, coaches, and even business owners who need to restring their rackets regularly. You can gain almost any string tension according to what your playing style and needs are.

With this gamma X-stringing machine, there is a nickel-chrome plated steel bar which is a turntable, which in turn provides users with the rotation of 360 degrees needed to enjoy greater ease of use. There is a drop-weight tensioning mechanism of the machine which accommodates about 9 to 90 lbs. Which is perfect for your game.

This badminton stringing machine gives you the room to restring your racket using a professional precision. It is constructed using “V” mounts and a 6-point Quick Mount System, which leads to the firm maintenance and security of your racket. All these help keep it in place while you continue to do your work.


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