Best Badminton Shoes 2022-Top Brands: Yonex, Asics and Li-Ning Shoes Reviewed

Best Badminton-shoes

Best Badminton Shoes Reviewed

Badminton is a game that I have enjoyed playing for a while now. One important thing I have observed is that the footwear worn when playing is vital.  It can be a determinant of either enjoying the game or not. When I started playing, I used to wear running shoes, but I discovered that those I play with wear specifically ‘badminton shoes.’ This made me wonder, does it matter? I mean, shoes are shoes. But I decided to buy one and see if there is a difference.

My very first experience with badminton shoes have stuck to my brain ever since. My first observation was that it is lighter than regular running shoes.  I liked that, but it was not too convincing until I started playing. Then I realized some significant things that made it more appropriate for running shoes.

  • It was low to ground contact, and this allowed for feedbacks that are better
  • It is more durable than running shoes
  • It provided for better traction during playing in the court
  • It has excellent ankle support which prevents injuries

Having said all these, it remains solely your decision to decide to get best badminton shoes. Although, it a bit more expensive for running shoes but it is worth it in the end.

Therefore, if you decide to get the best badminton shoes for you, there are certain things to look out for when buying. This is very important. There are several badminton shoes and so knowing which shoe to purchase matters. There are certain specifications to look out for when buying.  This leads me to the subject matter of the day.





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Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Club

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LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton

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Mizuno Wave Lightning RX3

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Diadora Men’s B. Elite L III Court Shoe

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Head Men's Sprint Pro Court Shoe

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Puma Men’s Invicto Sala

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Yonex SHB-SC5 MX

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Asics men Gel Rocket 7

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Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 2

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Yonex Pro Cushion SHB-02 MX

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Babolat Shadow Spirit

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Adidas Performance Men’s Ligra 5

N0 14.

Yonex PC Aerus LCW II Badminton Shoes

N0 15.

Yonex Men’s Power Cushion 35

N0 16.

Asics Gel Tactic 2

How to choose a badminton shoe

As much as selecting the racket to use is important; getting the right badminton shoes to wear is also very important. A good pair of shoes is necessary for you to be able to move and swiftly in different directions freely.

 Badminton is a sport with great pace that involves lots of sudden swift changes in movement. So the proper shoes would help a great deal. Here are some basic things to look out for when getting shoes for badminton:

1. The sole

One of the most important things about badminton shoes is the grip and traction. The court you are playing on is a determinant of the shoes. A lot of badminton courts we now have are either Wood or PU courts. In these courts, it is best to play with shoes that have Gum Rubber Soles. If you play in either of the two, then get a gum rubber sole shoe. This is because the rubber shoes give extra traction and grip that aids in such courts.

Badminton shoes have been designed to have rubber soles which do not mark. This aids to prevent whatsoever markings on the floor when dragging your legs during leg extensions and lunges. Something you should learn to do is to put off your shoes when out of the court. This is because the rubber sole in the shoes tend to accumulate dirt very quickly and this reduces the traction it gives.

Another aspect to consider in the sole has a thinner or thicker sole. When playing you need to have the gravity of a lower center as this gives you better balance. This stance also makes you have a quick reaction and the more efficient interception. This can be achieved by thinner soles.  It not only improves your quickness but helps to reduce the number of injuries. Thicker soles are more to the runners and trainers because it can adapt to different terrain and floor types.

2. Cushion

Cushioning is very important for you to get your best experience but more importantly to prevent injuries. Badminton involves lots of jumping, and so whenever you jump or lunge, the pressure is put in your knees when you land. Best badminton shoes act like a suspension mechanism to share the load your knees carry. This then prevents some knee related injuries. 

Badminton shoes are expected to have great cushions in them. As you tend to move speedily in various directions always, there is no time to waste at all.

 A good cushion absorbs the impact of the movements you do. These shoes have the best technologies programmed in them to do a better job at protecting your feet during the game. The good cushion pushes your feet back very gently at all times. 

3. Size

Badminton is a game that requires you to move from left to right all the time unlike some sports which are forward movements mostly. If there is unwanted space in your badminton shoes, blisters can occur because of the friction between your feet and shoes.   Therefore, choosing the right size matters a lot. Some badminton shoes are for those with a wide foot, like SHB95, AR95, AR88. Some are for those with a narrow foot, like PRO98, SHB65. It is paramount you purchase your appropriate size. 

4. Ankle support

Badminton shoes have been designed with ankle support which is not as weighty as trainers or running shoes.  In badminton, your legs and hands move following your shuttlecock. While in the running, ankle supports are to key to keep your legs straight in the direction you run which is forward. For badminton, you move in various directions doing jumps, lunges, occasional dives.  As a result of this, you do not need the support in your ankles, trust me. Having ankle support would make your ankles rely on them, and it would not be flexible or robust on its own.

Having spoken about how to make your choice, it would not be a bad idea to list the best shoes for badminton in the market today and talk about their pro and cons. 

Top 16 best badminton shoes

1.ASICS Gel Rocket 9

This particular shoe is a pair added to the ASICS Rocket range. They are readily available in different colors, and as more shoes are produced so do, we have more colors added. Colors available include green, pink, white, orange, black, indigo blue. There are various features in regions across the world when buying.  The shoes have been designed to meet the various needs of multiple users, and it is even unisex. Although, you can have the one specified for men and also specified for women. 


  • It has an excellent traction
  • It has ankle protection
  • It has structural support
  • It reduces foot fatigue


  • It has a poor arch support
  • It needs breaking in

Detailed description

The design allows the sneaker to be quite lightweight. This also helps to maintain proper support structurally. This helps you to move around quickly. It also enables you to keep your balance thereby avoiding any stumbles. It is a high-quality product which also comes at a great price. The risk of getting injured is entirely reduced while also offering quality ankle protection. 

2. Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Club

The rubber sole on this beauty absorbs not only the impacts, but it provides you with a great grip, and this stops you from falling when you jump. 


  • Rubber sole provides a firm grip
  • It has an affordable price
  • It has a removable insole
  • The materials used are imported


  • The lacing method is complicated

Detailed description

If you need to, you can easily remove the insole, if you prefer a deeper penetration on foot. Although, this might improve the stability you have access to around the ankle, which you might not want to have since you are supposed to have flexible movements around the ankle. Although these shoes are primarily produced for tennis, they also perform significantly for badminton.

They are designed to increase speed and performance when playing a game. It comes in colors that are bright and attractive, and these colors are; neon, blue, orange, and much more. These shoes can also easily take you through a whole badminton game session no matter how long or rigorous the game is. Furthermore, the mesh material helps to ensure your feet stay ventilated all through the game.

3. LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton

This shoe boasts of superior performance. The badminton shoe performs well, with a fast and comfortable multiple pivot points.


  • It offers good protection
  • There is a guarantee of satisfaction
  • It is abrasion resistant


  • It is considered as heavy
  • It has a limited color selection

Detailed description

The upper mesh of these sneakers increases breathability with the synthetic leather overlays. The non-marking gum is also designed to help prevent the sole from having abrasions. The extra layer of reinforcement along the inside helps to extend the lifespan of the sneakers. The XSTRUCTRE as a tighten device also ensures that you can adjust the tightness based on your needs. This further improves the protection you get when you step into these lightweight badminton shoes.

4. Mizuno Wave Lightning RX3

These sneakers designed by mizuno features an outsole designed for maximal stability. The sole absorbs shock to help further cushion your jumps.


  • It has a rubber outsole that aids stability
  • It has an even shock absorption
  • It prevents bad odor
  • It is meant for players across all levels
  • It features a good arch support


  • Only small sizes
  • The upper is stiff

Detailed description

Shock is equally absorbed in the sole to ensure you have cushioned jumps, while you still maintain your balance when taking different moves. These sneakers help to reduce the risk of suffering from injuries while also providing a comfortable fit. The ventilation system helps to reduce heat build-up, ultimately ensuring you don’t have odor oozing from your feet.

5. Diadora Men’s B. Elite L III Court Shoe

All the materials used in the production of this shoe are imported. The design has some nice looks that would make people take a second look at you when you enter the court.


  • It is comfortable
  • It has an improved grip
  • It is quite simple


  • It comes in limited colors

Detailed description

The materials used in the production of these shoes are imported. It has terrific designs which it very attractive to the eyes, effortless and stylish. It comes mostly in white, and this helps to be conscious of stains. You have to take extra care of it. It is enveloped with lots of leather and little polyurethane. This makes it tough and durable to stand the harshness of the game.

6. Head Men's Sprint Pro Court Shoe

The comfort level enhances your performance when playing on the court is quite impressive.


  • It is incredibly comfortable
  • It has proper ventilation
  • It has excellent stability


  • It is a little expensive

Detailed description

These shoes are comfy, while they’ve also got a dope cushioning. It makes use of the Lateral Control technology, which increases the extent to which your ankles are flexible. Because of this, you will get a comfortable fit which in turn prevents you from falling.

7. Puma Men’s Invicto Sala

The catch here is the beautiful combination of textile and leather which provides it with an exquisite touch.


  • It features an advanced Puma design
  • It has different color options
  • It has an excellent grip


  • It is not advisable for people with wide feet

Detailed description

On the top, it boasts of a classic lace-up model and has many holes which serve as ventilators for the ventilation process. The soles are made from rubber, and this gives you the best stability you can get from any surface when you are playing. The rubber in its toe also ensures that you have increased speed and agility. Ultimately, its performance is excellent on the court.

8. Yonex SHB-SC5 MX

This beautiful badminton shoe is created for stability while also providing comfort and protection.


  • It has an attractive design
  • It is super comfortable
  • It has an hexagrip sole for an excellent grip
  • It adopts the ToughBird technology for natural cushioning


  • It is limited in size

Detailed description

It has improved P.U leather and mesh. The leather gives it a new look apart from the durability it adds. The polyester also offers better ventilation. The cushioning it provides reduces the stress from your ankles and feet. There is a light feel that comes with it, as well as the increase in speed that comes with it.

9. Asics men Gel Rocket 7

It serves recreational badminton players with improved traction on the indoor court.


  • It reduces the weight of the sole
  • The upper design minimizes seams
  • The midsole gives a low to the ground
  • There is also enhanced traction on the court


  • It is selective
  • Not entirely advisable for people with an ankle issue

Detailed description

Relatively low-priced sneakers, these sneakers have pretty cool styles. It features high-performance technology like the rubber sole used for maximum traction. The lightweight nature of these shoes enables you to move around the court quickly and nicely. The upper mesh further allows you to experience maximum breathability.

10. Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 2

These pair of badminton shoes are guaranteed to put a spring in your steps; this is because of the reverse shock energy available for use in the next movement.


  • It has a breathable upper mesh
  • It reverses shock energy
  • It features amazing structural support
  • It boasts of good traction


  • There is a limited color selection
  • It is not meant for outdoor playing

Detailed description

It is reasonably priced so that players who want quality at a relatively affordable price can get it. Compared to the previous model, The Yonex Power Cushion Aerus 2 has double the see-through mesh. Breathability has also been improved on to reduce the instance of having smelly feet. With the weight set at 270g, these sneakers are the lightest option from Yonex.

11. Yonex Pro Cushion SHB-02 MX

This pair of sneakers offers you adequate ventilation while also giving you amazing structural support. There is an increase in stability and swiftness overall.


  • It has good structural support
  • It reduces power loss
  • It promotes air exchange
  • It boasts of a stylish asymmetrical design


  • It is not meant for people who have wide feet
  • There are not many colors available

Detailed description

This is an excellent selection for comfort that will help you improve your performance overall. There is also a reduction in power loss, thereby ensuring that you can move around quite freely. The maximum speed it offers cannot be over-emphasized as well. Worthy of note is that these sneakers were explicitly made for badminton. You would feel stylish and comfortable while rocking these cool sneakers.

12. Babolat Shadow Spirit

These sneakers offer you an excellent grip through the in-built elastic wraps. Stability as a feature is also thoroughly demonstrated in the structure of this shoe as it ensures you feel comfortable.


  • It comes at an affordable price
  • It provides you with an excellent pace
  • It is also light in weight
  • It gives comfort through its outstanding ventilation


  • It has a less cushioning

Detailed description

Since stability and grip are the essential elements, the Shadow Spirit offers it on the best platform available. From jumping, sliding, to lunging, you will be able to access a perfect grip. Because of its flat soles, it holds tight well enough to prevent you from falling over in case you get sweaty from playing your game. The sole at the bottom has some designs that ensure you have a good movement and an increased stopping power. So many badminton shoes do not have a good pattern, which in turn leads to the lack of a tight grip on court surfaces. From a performance level, you will immediately feel the rapid speed movements. It is not entirely flat on the court surfaces, which is an advantage, as it provides you with a faster change in direction.

13. Adidas Performance Men’s Ligra 5

The Adidas Performance Ligra 5 is one of the most underrated products from Adidas. It is also pretty much usable for any indoor sport because of its versatility in nature.


  • It is usable for different sports
  • It has an excellent cushioning
  • It has a breathable upper mesh
  • It boasts of a solid grip
  • It has a sleek design
  • It has a lightweight


  • It has a narrow toe area
  • It is unreliable in sizing

Detailed description

The rubber on the outsole enables you to a solid grip that will help you stay steady when playing. The material in the sole is also soft and fresh thereby ensuring that your feet can also remain fresh. The mesh material ensures that there is an adequate exchange of air. The versatility it offers ensures that you do not necessarily have to go out of your way to procure sneakers.

Although these sneakers are quite attractive, they also guard against falling on the court. The traction it offers is commendable, all thanks to the rubber material used in making its sole. The shoes have been purposely created to match the needs of players who make rigorous moves on the court. The shock absorption feature makes it all the more attractive, as the rubber in the soles will serve as a boost to your jump while also ensuring you have cushioned landings. This also helps when making smashes. Because of its sleek design, you can wear it almost anywhere.

14. Yonex PC Aerus LCW II Badminton Shoes

This is a very innovative and unique shoe in the shoe sector. This is a  shoe in the sport of badminton.


  • It is affordable
  • It is versatile
  • It is lightweight


  • It is quite heavy

Detailed description

The outsole of this footwear consists of rubber that improves the toughness. The shoe also has a good ventilation system which reduces the sweat that comes from a player during the play. The comfort of the ankle is also addressed in this shoe’s makeup. The creation of the 3D power graphite can be said to be very creative as it gives an excellent thermal condition to the sneakers.

15. Yonex Men’s Power Cushion 35

This is a relatively affordable shoe with efficient traction and reliable cushioning effect for both the joints and the feet. It is also able to absorb shock before then reversing the impact energy for a smooth transfer into the next series of movement.


  • Ability to convert shock into impact energy
  • It has excellent traction in Indoor courts
  • It offers a high level of comfort
  • More stability in the forefoot
  • It has a gum rubber outsole
  • It comes with a Hexagrip sole


  • It is limited in size

Detailed description

The Yonex Mens Power Cushion 35 Badminton Shoes give you a good value for your money with a lot of features. The Power Cushioning it boasts of also gives you a better comfort level and absorption of shock. These sneakers also incorporate the Ergoshape form, peculiar to only Yonex for that added stability. The Yonex gum rubber outsole offers a fantastic grip on some surfaces. The hexagrip model on the sole provides a multi-directional grip for rapid and fast changes in direction.

16. Asics Gel Tactic 2

These sneakers are incredible for badminton players because they provide excellent shock absorption. They are durable, especially for those who train hard and play badminton regularly.


  • It has a seamless construction
  • No risks of getting blisters or friction
  • It is extremely durable


  • It has a strange fit
  • The heel occasionally slips out

Detailed description

The Asics Gel Tactic 2 is an advisable option for someone who likes to play badminton. The sneaker has the Trusstic System technology. It is incredibly lightweight while being supportive as well. Additionally, seamless material gives it an exquisite look. The durability it offers gives it an edge over other sneakers.


Quite some badminton shoes have been discussed above, each with its pros and cons. I am going to give you the one I see as the best badminton shoe.

Mind you, my choice is subjective, and so you are not obligated to go for that one. Also, bear in mind that my decision is solely based on the points I wrote earlier as regards how to choose. I pick Asics Gel Rocket 9.

It is like the complete package, solid grip, excellent cushioning, lightweight and a sleek design to top it all. The decision is solely yours but endeavors to weigh your option appropriately before buying shoes for badminton so you can have a splendid experience during playing.




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