Best Badminton Overgrip 2022: Grip tape for Racket grips

Best Badminton Overgrip

Notwithstanding, if you are a recreational or professional player of Badminton (1), your gear is quite essential to your game. The equipment of a badminton player includes the shuttlecock, a racket, shoes, bag, and the likes of it. Each of these equipment has items you would like to consider if you need to go for them. For the badminton racket, it includes the head size, brand, the grip size, and the over grip itself. The badminton over grip is one of the significant factors to consider whenever you want to buy a badminton racket.





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Babolat 2019 Pro Team SP Overgrip​

Babolat 2019 Pro Team SP Overgrip

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Pangda Tennis Badminton Racket Overgrips for Anti-Slip and Absorbent Grip​

Pangda Tennis Badminton Racket Overgrips for Anti-Slip and Absorbent Grip

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Z Best Tennis Racket Grip Tape Overgrip​

Z Best Tennis Racket Grip Tape Overgrip

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GripJoy Grip Tape Overgrip​

GripJoy Grip Tape Overgrip

How to choose a Badminton Overgrip

When it comes to picking a badminton over grip, it is your expectation and needs from it is that it will channel your search. This badminton over grip has various types. Below are the kinds of badminton over grips and how you can make your choice. 

Hard vs. Soft Over grips

Several over grips produced now are quite soft. The softer and Overgrip is, the more comfort it offers in terms of usage. This also ensures you do not get hand blisters often. But some overgrips are not soft. The hard ones are thin and not well-padded. This depends on what you prefer. If you want it small, then get the hard one, but if you want it soft and thick, then get the soft overgrips. Bear in mind that thick overgrips increases the size of the racket’s grip. The sweet and textured overgrips come with grooves for a better grip. They are more durable than absorbent overgrips but not as durable as tacky overgrips.

Dry or Tacky Over grips

If you are one that likes your Overgrip tacky, that is the grip sticks your hand to the racket handle. A tacky Overgrip improves how stable the racket will be in your hand. It is long-lasting, and it saves money and time. But if you do not want it sticking to your side, then try the dry one. It is dry and smooth, but your hand can shift or slip at times you take a shot. Some players even prefer a super sticky Overgrip, and this shows how tacky it is.

Absorbent Over grips

The game of Badminton is a stressful and exercising one, and so lots of players get sweaty hands when playing. The sweaty palms can let your racket slip when you are playing. It can be very annoying to lose shots because of your hands. Now manufacturers have designed some overgrips to be sweat absorbing. This way, you won’t sweat so much. You can check for overgrips with excellent moisture absorption. 


Over grips are cheap, but if you are one that wants to be changing your grips weekly, then that’s something. There are discounts on this like this, so you can look for stores or brands that give discounts on these overgrips.

Replacement Grips

You have the option of replacement grips or over grip itself. Replacement grips are applied directly to the handle, while overgrips are to be placed over your current racket grip. Over grips are thinner than replacement grips. This is to make sure your handle isn’t too heavy. Proper replacement grips are durable and are pricey. Over grips can be replaced from time to time since they are very cheap and they are also trendy. These over grips allow you to adjust the grip of your racket in a minute or two or whenever you want.

9 Best Badminton Overgrip

1.Gamma Supreme Overgrip

Gamma supreme is still rated by most people as the most excellent choice when referring to the racquet’s Overgrip, as it comes under the collections of the Gamma brand of overgrips.


  • Durable and tacky
  • Very affordable


  • Not exactly stretchy

Detailed description

The Gamma supreme offers users an incredible amount of persistence and tackiness at the same time at an easily accessible price. This is one of the factors that enable it to stand out from the other brands when you compare it with other brands. The primary issue that this Overgrip has is that it has a low stretchiness factor. However, it is quite easy and straightforward to put on, all due to the angled ends. At this kind of performance that it offers, this Overgrip is able to give you a relatively average amount of tackiness at the beginning, but it can aid when you want to absorb a great deal of sweat, making it challenging to hold the handle at a point in time genuinely.

2. Wilson Pro Overgrip

The Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip is one classic brand to think about when we refer to the best tacky overgrips that can be bought on the market today.


  • Extra cushion
  • Very absorbent
  • Raised bevels


  • Can be really slippery
  • The handle is a bit too big
  • No tack is present

Detailed description

As both professionals and amateurs use it, this Overgrip is everyone and anyone’s favorite, as I definitely know that it is one of the most popular ones as well. One of the most exciting things about this Overgrip is the fact that it has a stretchy material which offers room for users to put it quickly on the handles. Apart from this fact, it also comes with a large amount of tackiness that would allow it last for long hours of regular and constant usage. This Overgrip is quite perfect for all chilly weathers because it has been designed even to maintain its tackiness longer than expected. Once you make use of it during the hot temperate climate, it would probably be getting slippery and somewhat uncomfortable to make use of. You are required to wait until it becomes dry fully again.

3. Yonex Super Grap Overgrip

The Yonex Arcsaber 10, which was designed by Yonex themselves was released back in 2012, but still stands as one of the best badminton rackets out there on the market. It might be a bit expensive racket, but it is undoubtedly worth every penny spent on it.


  • Very soft
  • Really tacky
  • Quite absorbent


  • Can flake off quite easily
  • Difficult to replace

Detailed description

This grip tape has been made available in one very long piece, which offers you the needed room to cut it to the length that is required. While the box indicates that there are three different strips inside, there is just one, and if it is not applied well, it is possible that you end up having enough tape for about two and a half couple of racquets. The performance of the tape is really excellent. It is absorbent and tacky while still remaining very soft. It doesn’t become really slippery even when it is under high humidity, or it has been used under sweaty hands.

The only performance issues that were encountered were the fact that the bright coloring could flake off easily under rough use. There isn’t any beveling or texture, so if you even like those texture features, then you would be much happier if you go for another form of grip tape. When trying to replace this tape, it can possibly leave behind an unpleasant residue on the original grip. This is much different from other grip tapes that have been used before. If you decide to buy this, then you need to know that it would require some extra cleaning once you decide that you want to replace the grip tape.

This Over grip is growing in recognition day by day by professional tennis and badminton players, all because of the excellent tacky feel it possesses. It has been observed that it actually has a lot of similarities with the Wilson Pro Overgrip, thus also making it a fantastic choice that can perfectly fit into the needs of every player. The Yonex Super Grap is made using a stretchy material which serves to ensure that it is somewhat easy to put on.

4. Senston New Racket Grip Anti Slip Perforated Super Absorbent Badminton Overgrip

The Senston anti-slip over grip comes in a variety of colors and five-pack, which is perfect for users with different rackets or individuals who like to have that extra grip tape on hand.


  • Comfortable and squishy
  • Best in quality
  • The unique colors make the racket attractive


  • The grip can be too textured and thick

Detailed description

The Senston new racket grip is an anti-slip grip. This grip comes in five different packs, all with different colors. It is quite ideal for those who like to have extra grips on hand. It is not the standard grip that you are used to seeing, as it is somehow very different. The surface is not the same, as it is not so tacky, and the wetness doesn’t affect the tape surface so much. There are two linings on the grip, and one is the outer lining, while the other is referred to as the inner lining. The outer coating and the inner lining are able to absorb sweat and make the grip robust and tremendous. The uneven surface helps to have a comfortable grip sense and thus serves to prevent the hand from slipping from the handle.

5. HEAD Super Comp Racquet Overgrip

For all players, the HEAD Super Comp Racquet Overgrip is a highly recommendable one that cannot be easily procured on the market.


  • Long-lasting and strong grip
  • Easy to make use of
  • Absorbs a lot of sweat quickly to stop any form of slippage


  • The thin grip makes it uncomfortable for some hand

Detailed description

The Head Super Comp Overgrip offers users a soft and comfortable feeling, which is quite recommendable. It is made using a specially engineered tacky elastomer material, and the design can only be got in white color. The sweat captivation of this tennis grip has been improved such that it builds a balance between absorption and sticky. The wrap of this grip is not so different from the sheer tackiness, and this is to ensure that the grip does not get so loose whenever you are playing badminton. The grip is hard and firm, and the overwrap gives it a perfect feel, and it also absorbs the sweat first. This grip is really durable, and it offers you service for a long time. The captivation of the sweat of this tennis grip is much more enhanced, and it makes a balance between sticky and absorption, as the wrap of the grip is not much different from others. This wrap has the tackiness to help make sure the grip does not in any way get loose whenever you are playing.

6. Babolat 2019 Pro Team SP Overgrip

This is also an incredible Overgrip from Babolat, as they have through a lot of years of non-stop delivery offered uncompromising quality under their belt.


  • Highly absorbent material
  • Very easy and comfortable to use


  • Very expensive when you compare with some other brands

Detailed description

Although it is a bit better than some of the Wilson types, they are made available under the price tag of $10 for a pack of 3 which is easily affordable for a tennis Overgrip, because of the quality, it serves to boast of. The Babolat Pro Team SP Overgrip feels really soft and smooth when on, although it still tends to retain some of its stickiness to help absorb your sweat and further maintain your racquet while it is in your hand. Apart from that, they also look really nice, which is something you need to consider whenever you decide to go play out on the court.

If you’re considering going for an Overgrip that would offer you the room for much delivery and comfort, then this Overgrip would be a really excellent buy. They help to add to your game the needed control and stability in your shots, which is quite incredible. The Babolat Pro Team SP Overgrip was specially designed for professional players who want to play around a lot. It would help in also giving players the maximum comfort needed, as it would absorb the sweat almost immediately with no concerns whatsoever about what the weather temperature might be.

7. Pangda Tennis Badminton Racket Overgrips for Anti-Slip and Absorbent Grip

This Tennis Overgrip allows users to enjoy a dry feel which is designed to enhance the tackiness of their grip whenever they make use of it.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Tacky tennis grip


  • A bit expensive

Detailed description

There is a common misconception that most people have that once your hands start becoming sweaty when you play, then the tackiness of the Overgrip begins to fade away, basically because of the moist it produces. However, it cannot be said to be the same when you consider this beautiful Overgrip. With this type of incredible Overgrip, the more you like to play your game, and your hands get really sweaty, then the more the grip also tends to become very tacky. Because of all this, the tennis player is thus allowed to enjoy a really comfy striking condition peacefully. One package has almost 10XL grips and a finishing tape, which can further be used for tangling the hold in case it starts to unravel.

8. Z Best Tennis Racket Grip Tape Overgrip

The Yonex Astrox 77 is an excellent and quick racket, as the Yonex Astrox, 77 would make the task of coordinating your attacks easy for you, while also overwhelming your opponents quickly.


  • Tacky
  • Has a fun design
  • Nice cushioning


  • Not exactly durable

Detailed description

The cushioning of this Overgrip has been designed in a way that the vibration is dampened, but it does not alter the handling of the ball at all. The tape is a bit tacky, and it does not have a lot of slippages even when used with hands that are incredibly sweaty. There is no form of beveling on the tape, so in case you would prefer to help with your grip whenever you’re holding your racquet, then need to take a look elsewhere for the grip wrap tape, as it would be beneficial.

The Z Best Tennis Racket Grip Tape Overgrip is not really the most durable tape available on the market today. Most daily players prefer to get about two weeks before they start to notice some lifting of the material, which is not advisable since this tape comes with aesthetic value, thus making it very much pleasing to look at. In case you are an occasional or hobby player, then I don’t think you would have any issue with the durability that the grip tape then possesses.

9. GripJoy Grip Tape Overgrip

The GripJoy Grip Tape Overgrip is just perfect for players who tend to possess sweaty hands. This Overgrip tape has been designed to be tackier the more you sweat.


  • Thin
  • Keeps the hands dry
  • Made using a stretchy material
  • Sweating more means more tackiness


  • Not so durable
  • The top layers tend to fade fast
  • Can be really short for larger grips

Detailed description

You do not need to worry about any form of slippage whenever you make use of this grip tape. This grip tape is actually considered to be a much thinner grip tape. In case you cannot precisely like the bulky feel of a cushioned grip tape and some other things that accompany it, then this is going to be a really better and suitable option for you. This grip tape would help add to the extra dryness that you need, without needing to remove from the handling of the ball due to the extra padding. These grips would make you practice a little in order to get it on correctly for players who tend to have larger gripped rackets. If you are someone that has a more solid grasp on your racket and notice that you are always coming up short whenever you decide to make use of this grip tape, then you are not alone. There is a little finesse that is needed for you to get the grip tape to be enjoyed at the end butt of the grip.

You do not have to worry about how you would be able to handle the sweat, especially when you are in hot weather conditions, as you can rest assured that the Gripjoy tennis grip is the gear exquisitely designed for you. When you place it in comparison with a couple of other tacky grips, you will notice that this one can absorb any form of sweat immediately that could stop any occurrence of potential slippery of the handle itself. Also, the grip has been designed by making use of elastic material as its central core, thus giving you the needed room to enjoy excellent stretching capacity and also the easy applying process.


The Gamma Supreme Overgrip has to be the best badminton Overgrip on this list because of the many qualities it boasts of. The Gamma supreme offers users an incredible amount of persistence and tackiness at the same time at an easily affordable price. This is one of the factors that enable it to stand out from the other brands when you compare it with other brands.

The primary issue that this Overgrip has is that it has a low stretchiness factor. However, it is quite easy and straightforward to put on, all due to the angled ends. At this kind of performance that it offers, this Overgrip is able to give you a relatively average amount of tackiness at the beginning, but it can aid when you want to absorb a great deal of sweat, making it difficult to hold the handle at a point in time genuinely.

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