Best Badminton Kit Bags 2022


Best Badminton Kit Bags

Badminton, like any other sport, is one that requires sets of equipment for playing. These gears include the badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, shoes and some other items. Therefore, having a compartment to keep your essentials is a factor to consider. This has brought about the Badminton kit bag. This bag is used to store your rackets and other items that are necessary to carry along to the court. The reason for the Badminton kit bag is solely for your convenience as well as the adequate protection of your sports gear. These kit bags come in various qualities and brands, and they will be discussed below.





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Babolat Backracq Badminton x8 Racquet Bag

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LI-NING Badminton Racket Bag 6-Pack Shoe Pocket Professional Athletic Racquet Bag

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Yonex racket case (for one) Black AC533 007

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YANG-YANG Professional Badminton Equipment Bag

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Yonex 11 LCW (Lee Chong Wei Special) Racket Bag

Buying Guide for Best Badminton Kit Bags

Badminton kit bags can be carried to training as well as competitions. Players also use backpacks, but it is ideal for getting a proper kit bag as it is more convenient and spacious. Badminton kit bags can be used to take as many items and accessories as you want to depend on their size. This implies that Badminton kit bags come in a variety of sizes and so the number of things you want to put in it would determine the extent of kit bag to purchase. These kit bags vary in function, size, and price, and your reasons for getting one would learn how large you want it to be, how much you are willing to spend. This then leads us to the various factors to consider when one wants to buy a Badminton kit bag. Those factors include:


The number of gears you have primarily determined the size of the Badminton kit bag to purchase. The volumes add the backpack or rucksack, three racket bags, six racket bags, nine racket bag, and 12 to 15 racket bags. The rucksack/backpack is the most portable with the smallest storage space available. The pack can take at most two rackets, and that isn’t even common to lots of bags as most of them make just one noise. Asides from the racket, it allows for very few accessories. One can be got for £20 or less and can also be as high as £60.

The 3 Racket bag can take two rackets with enough space for an extra shirt, can of balls, and a towel. Shoes or any other gear of this size cannot fit into this bag. The price of the three racket bags ranges from £20 to £50. They are also convenient, compact, and lightweight.

The 6 Racket bag is the standard size for a serious player. It is the most popular choice among large bags. This is because it comes with practicality and enough storage space. It usually comes with two equal-sized compartments for about three rackets, shoes, clothes towels, and some other accessories. The six racket bag comes in two models; the ones that range from £25-£30 and the other models range from £60- £70. The latter comes with backpack straps, and the former may have a shoulder strap. The type of material used differs from model to model.

The nine racket bag comes in 3 compartments that are of equal sizes. This implies an ample storage space for a couple of rackets and lots of accessories, costing around £50. While the 12/15 racket bag is the biggest of the bags, which comes with one huge compartment or 2/3 compartments, it has individual zip bags for shoes, sections for accessories, wet and dry clothes, and any other extra thing you want to take along to the court.


How long and how well a Badminton kit bag is going to last is a crucial factor to consider when you want to get one. Kit bags tend to take a lot of stuff, and so the durability is essential. Some bags can last for about five years and still count depending on the quality of the model. Things like dirty clothes and smelly shoes can be forgotten in the bag, and if the container isn’t durable enough, the kit may not do so well. Therefore, do well to consider the durability of what you are about to buy.


Badminton kit bags like any other textile related product are subject to the latest trends. This is a means devised by manufacturers to sell their products. If you do not plan on changing your badminton kit bag on time, then you should be concerned about the color you are going to get. It is advisable to get a container with a dull color so that even after a while, it still looks good. But if you are that like to change textile products frequently, then you can buy the latest color since you will soon replace it.

A number of straps:

This depends on how often go to the court. If you are one that goes to training and tournaments a lot, then get a kit bag with more than one strap. This is to ensure you do not get easily worn out from carrying the bag even before playing. But if you are one that plays recreationally or you do not play so often, then you do not need a bag with more one strap. Bags with single straps are cheaper, smaller, and very mobile.

Top 9 Best Badminton Kit Bags

1.Senston Badminton Racket Bag

This badminton racket bag from Senston ranks high among the best badminton kit bags available on the market today.


  • Very spacious
  • Large
  • Well ventilated
  • Comes in different colors
  • Affordable
  • practical


  • The compartment isn’t long enough for racket covers
  • No cushion at the bottom
  • Small shoe compartment

Detailed description

This badminton kit bag is huge as it comes with two main compartments and three secondary bags. It can take 3 to 6 rackets, including shoes and jackets. It comes with a high-cost performance of protective carry case. The auxiliary bag has holes that enable proper ventilation and also helps to keep the items in the bag ventilated. The size of the Senston Badminton bag is 72cm by 18cm by 29cm, and it is made of fabric. It also comes with two padded shoulder straps that can be adjusted. It also comes with a tote handle, which makes it very easy to carry around. The padding is not so much, but it is a convenient kit bag. It is made of suitable quality materials that contribute to the durability of the pack. It comes with a guarantee such that if you get it, but you are not satisfied with what you get, you can get a refund.

2. Yonex 9826 Team Series Racket Bag

The Yonex 9826 Team Series Racket Bag is a bag that is dedicated to offering quality at the most affordable price, and we shall delve into its features fully in this review.


  • Has a large compartment for storage
  • Can hold up to six badminton rackets
  • Easy to carry
  • Suited to regular players with lots of equipment


  • The bag lacks a dedicated shoe compartment

Detailed description

This bag can hold up to six Badminton racquets at once, and it has a small side compartment designed basically for accessories. There is a large compartment for shoes, clothes, and also shuttlecocks. One major thing this bag does not have is an exceptionally dedicated shoe compartment. But if you want to enjoy that, you can opt to go for an accessory that performs the same range of functions. Mostly, the lack of a shoe compartment should not be a significant deal in bringing down the worth of this kit bag. It comes with a single handle and a shoulder strap handle, which is quite fashionable and makes it easy to carry. There is a more spacious bag that is designed for those who like to pack a bit more with them when moving. As such, it is easily more suited for regular players who possess more racquets and equipment. It comes at an excellent price for a bag that owns relatively enough space to hold the racquet and virtually every other thing you’d want to carry with you.

3. Yonex 9829 9 Piece Badminton Racket Equipment Bag

It is high time you stored and protected your tennis gear, racquets, and accessories with the beautiful and straightforward Yonex 9829 9 Piece Equipment bag


  • Nice style and graphics
  • Adequate storage room
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable
  • Compact, durable, and lightweight


  • It is a bit expensive

Detailed description

It is designed to be a colorful bag, as it also features a modern exterior design that looks appealing. It comes in a matte black color plus two different large compartments. These are designed to serve as the primary storage pockets where you can often easily slide in your rackets. This new version from Yonex has 1.6 inches that are between the two main compartments, which give you more room to store more gear. It features with the non-collapsing EVA foam material, which helps to maintain the bag’s shape. If you look at the side near the Yonex logo, you will find that there is a large accessory pocket designed basically for more storage. This could be used to keep your sweaty shirts or shoes. Not to mention the fact that these pockets have been appropriately ventilated to provide for proper airflow. Also, on the sides of the bag are adjustable shoulder straps that offer you a convenient and comfortable way to carry your pocket anywhere you want to go.

4. Babolat Pure x12 Racquet Bag

This is one of the best-selling models ever designed by Babolat, as the Pure Strike x12 bag is known for the extra-large compartments it has, which can carry up to 12 rackets at a single time.


  • Extra-large tennis bag
  • Different compartments
  • Hardshell to safeguard your accessories
  • Isothermal technology offers maximum safety
  • Strings are protected from losing tension


  • It is very costly
  • Can be difficult to carry

Detailed description

In this kit bag, you would find that there are extra pockets designed to fit your shoes, clothing, and some other accessories as well. Out of the three large compartments this bag has, two of them are intended to be isothermal, which serves to protect them from unfavorable temperature conditions. There is the leading center compartment which helps you store your rackets. Also, the hard shell exterior compartment is designed to help protect all your small accessories. Furthermore, an internal compartment is also designed to help keep your shoes warm and dry the way you want it. This kit bag is ventilated adequately to ensure there’s proper airflow and also help avoid the accumulation of bad odor inside the bag.

5. Babolat Backracq Badminton x8 Racquet Bag

The Babolat Backracq Badminton x8 Racquet Bag is a kit bag with a perfect black and yellow color combo, this has to be one of the best badminton kit bags on our list.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Features a durable frame
  • Features enhanced soft foam padding
  • Has different pockets


  • Some users have complained that the bag was not so roomy

Detailed description

It is light in weight and compact, allowing you to enjoy maximum versatility to backpack, as you can practically carry it with you wherever you go to. The first thing most people notice about this bag is its durable frame and enhanced soft foam padding that serves to protect all the valuables inside your bag. There are a lot of pockets on the bag which would help keep as many things as you want it to. Apart from balls or racquets, you could also decide to store your shoes, wrist band, tennis clothes, water bottle, smartphone, even energy drinks and of course, so much more. Virtually all of Babolat’s bags are usually appealing and prospective. I can personally give you a guarantee that you would not be disappointed in any way.

This bag also comes with some cosmetic graphics that would make the heads of players and fans alike turn on the court. It can conveniently carry up to 1-2 racquets and has multiple storage compartments for a couple of other gears. It has an accessory pocket that can be found on the front side of the bag, which gives you the room to store your valuables comfortably.

6. LI-NING Badminton Racket Bag 6-Pack Shoe Pocket Professional Athletic Racquet Bag

The LI-NING Badminton Racket Bag 6-Pack Shoe Pocket Professional Sports Athletic Racquet Bag is designed to be a sophisticated and fantastic backpack with lots of intriguing features.


  • High durability and strength
  • Separate small accessories pocket
  • Large compartments
  • Can easily carry up to 5 or rackets


  • Not for beginners

Detailed description

This racket kit bag is developed by using new features and also a good quality material. You should know that the Li Ning brand first used the Knitted material fabric for making the kit bags, and it was necessary to note that their test-run went well. The knitted material offers a lightweight feel to the players who own the kit bags, as they make it relatively easy to carry your properties around. This would, in turn, help to keep your rackets and another equipment safe in the Kit Bag whenever you have to travel between different match venues. The outer fabric makes sure that the bag has a premium look. This Li Ning kit bag comes equipped with three separate large compartments, which serve as a significant selling point in that it can house 5 to 6 rackets comfortably. Finally, the bag is a very nice and attractive one, as it is a kit that can be comfortably used by intermediate badminton or court game players.

7. Yonex racket case (for one) Black AC533 007

This particular racket case has one of the most significant selling points as the fact that it is compact enough to carry one racket at a time.


  • Features multiple compartments
  • Made using durable materials
  • Offers adequate protection to your racket


  • A bit small on space
  • Limited in nature

Detailed description

This bag is proof that you do not need to own multiple containers to be able to play professionally and in case you like to limit your options when it comes to the use of rackets! The smart location feature of the shoulder strap of this kit bag is also a significant advantage. It is designed in a way that your shoulders would be able to carry the weight for better support and also reduce the discomfort that can arise from your end. It comes with a self-standing feature, which means that if you leave it to stand on its own, it will not trip. The bag is made using the fashionable and sophisticated premium EVA foam, which is known for being non-collapsible. Apart from the main compartment, this bag also has pouches for shoes and balls.

8. YANG-YANG Professional Badminton Equipment Bag

The YANG-YANG Professional Badminton Equipment Bag has a lot of amazing features that would be discussed during the review process.


  • Has a durable zipper
  • Has two large compartments
  • Features two small pockets and a shoe compartment
  • Made from using high-quality materials


  • Not so durable overall

Detailed description

The YANG-YANG Badminton equipment Bag is known to be made from using high-quality materials, which offers users the much-needed long-lasting durability. This badminton kit bag features three different massive compartments, which can enable you to carry about 6 to 7 rackets conveniently. It also contains one shoe compartment and another accessory pocket designed for your different assumptions. To take this kit bag, there are two adjustable, durable, and padded shoulder straps that are provided so that the job of transporting it is much more simplified. This Tournament Series Badminton Kit Bag is designed basically with advanced level players placed in mind.

9. Yonex 11 LCW (Lee Chong Wei Special) Racket Bag

The Yonex 11 LCW (Lee Chong Wei Special) Racket Bag is one of the best racket bags available on the market today, and it has a lot of features that serve as a testament to this fact.


  • Comes with two compartments
  • Offers amazing comfort
  • Features thermo guard
  • Easy to move around


  • Limited in space

Detailed description

The Yonex brand is widely recognized as one of the top badminton gear manufacturers around the world, and this particular kit bag is a testament to their commitment to delivering quality and well-branded products. The stylish design the bag has makes it one that can be used and carried as a duffel bag or backpack. This is a large kit bag primarily meant for professional players, as it has good quality material, shoulder straps, and zipper. It is important to note that a large compartment of the kit bag features the thermal protection system, which is primarily designed to offer the best racket safety from unfavorable weather conditions. The Upper Shoe Pocket feature means that shoes can be easily packed away from the top of the bag. There is a shoe compartment on the bottom of the bag, which thus makes it easier to store shoes whenever you are on the move. There are also adjustable shoulder straps that are padded to provide users with better comfort for moving the bag around smoothly. This particular bag is made using 100% polyester material with a bold YONEX design inside. This is overall designed to be an all-weather water resistance kit bag that has been made available in different stylish colors the way you want them.


The Senston Badminton Kit Bag has to be my favorite in this review, and it is not exactly difficult to figure out why. The stylish design the bag has makes it one that can be used and carried as a duffel bag or backpack. This is a large kit bag primarily meant for professional players, as it has good quality material, shoulder straps, and zipper. It is important to note that a large compartment of the kit bag features the thermal protection system, which is primarily designed to offer the best badminton racket safety from unfavorable weather conditions. There are also adjustable shoulder straps that are padded to provide users with better comfort for moving the bag around smoothly. This is overall designed to be an all-weather water resistance kit bag that has been made available in different stylish colors the way you want them.




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